MLFTC faculty publication roundup, February 2019


Erik Ketcherside

A monthly survey of books, chapters, articles and conference papers written by faculty members and graduate students of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

Alfredo Artiles — Ryan C. Harris Memorial Professor of Special Education

Dina Brulles — academic associate | Karen Brown — academic associate

Scotty Craig — affiliate faculty member

Sherman Dorn — professor; Director, Division of Educational Leadership

Teresa Foulger — associate professor | Keith Wetzel — Professor Emeritus | Ray Buss — associate professor

Teresa Foulger — associate professor

Juliet Hart Barnett — associate professor

Danah Henriksen — assistant professor

Yalda Kaveh — assistant professor

Nadia Kellam — affiliate faculty member

Jean Larson — affiliate faculty member | Leanna Archambault — associate professor

Eileen Merritt — assistant professor | Nicole Bowers — PhD candidate, Learning, Literacies and Technologies

Lindsey Moses — associate professor | Laura Beth Kelly — 

Linda Newsome — faculty associate

Carrie Sampson — assistant professor

Kristen Samuels — EdD candidate, Leadership and Innovation

Patrick Thompson — affiliate faculty member | Fabio Milner — affiliate faculty member

Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez — affiliate faculty member, Regents' Professor

Andrea Weinberg — assistant professor

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