MLFTC faculty publication roundup, September


Erik Ketcherside

A monthly survey of books, chapters, articles and conference papers written by faculty members and graduate students of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

Rebecca Barber | article (co-author) "A canine identity crisis: Genetic breed heritage testing of shelter dogs" PLOS ONE, Aug. 2018

Kevin Close | Audrey Beardsley | article (co-authors) "Learning from what doesn’t work in teacher evaluation" Phi Delta Kappan 100:1, Sept. 2018

Melanie Bertrand | article (lead author) "Elementary principals’ social construction of parents of color and working-class parents: Disrupting or reproducing conflicting and deficit orientations of education policy?" Education Policy Analysis Archives 26:102, Aug. 2018

Steve Graham | article (co-author) "Effects of SRSD college entrance essay exam instruction for high school students with disabilities or at-risk for writing difficulties" Reading and Writing (Springer), 2018

Karen Harris | Wendy Oakes | Steve Graham | article (co-authors) "Teachers’ voices: Understanding effective practice-based professional development for elementary teachers on SRSD in writing" American Educational Research Journal, Sept. 2018

Danah Henriksen | Punya Mishra | article (co-authors) "Creativity, Uncertainty and Beautiful Risks: a Conversation with Dr. Ronald Beghetto" TechTrends, Sept. 2018

Wendy Oakes | article (lead author) "Instructional Feedback: An Effective, Efficient, Low-Intensity Strategy to Support Student Success" Beyond Behavior, Sept. 2018

Wendy Oakes | articles (co-author) "Effective Low-Intensity Strategies to Enhance School Success: What Every Educator Needs to Know" Beyond Behavior, Sept. 2018; "Predictive Validity of Student Risk Screening Scale — Internalizing and externalizing scores in elementary schools" Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Sept. 2018

Stephen Santa-Ramirez | chapter (author) “'Mi Familia': Counterstories of First-Generation Latina/x Students Navigating a Racially Hostile Campus Climate — Opportunities for Diversity and Inclusion" in "Evaluating Campus Climate at US Research Universities: Opportunities for Diversity and Inclusion" Springer, Aug. 2018

Iveta Silova | chapter (co-editor) "Reconfiguring Education Purposes, Policies, and Practices during Post-Socialist Transformations: Setting the stage," in "Comparing Post-Socialist Transformations: Purposes, Policies, and Practices in Education" Symposium Books (Oxford, UK), Aug. 2018

Maria Tatto | book (co-editor) "Exploring the Mathematical Education of Teachers Using TEDS-M Data" Springer, 2018

Maria Tatto | article (author) "Constructing research impact in teacher education through international collaboration and capacity building" Research Intelligence 135, spring 2018

Maria Tatto | article (co-author) "Conceptions of teaching and educational knowledge requirements" Oxford Review of Education, March 2018