MLFTC faculty publication roundup, August


Erik Ketcherside

A monthly survey of books, chapters, articles and conference papers written by faculty members and graduate students of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

Juliet Barnett | article (author) "Three Evidence-Based Strategies that Support Social Skills and Play Among Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders" Early Childhood Education Journal, Aug. 2018

David Carlson | Timothy Wells | article (co-authors) "Narrative of Amor Fati: Meditations on Life and Death" Qualitative Inquiry, July 2018

Heather Griller Clark | book chapter (author) "Involvement of the Young Person in Transition Planning" in "Incarcerated Youth Transitioning Back to the Community: International Perspectives" Springer, Aug. 2018

Elisabeth Gee | article (co-author) "Zooming into a Tinkering Project: The Progression of Learning through Transitional Objects" Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning 12:2, Aug. 2018

Danah Henriksen | article (co-author) "It’s Not ‘Hippies Running Barefoot Through a Field of Daisies’ and Other Contemplations on Creativity with Dr. Jonathan Plucker" TechTrends, July 2018

Yi-Chun Hong | article (co-author) "Relationship between student designers’ reflective thinking and their design performance in bioengineering project: exploring reflection patterns between high and low performers" Educational Technology Research and Development, July 2018

Mirka Koro-Ljungberg | article (co-author) "Narratives and Nested-Time" Qualitative Inquiry, Aug. 2018

Wendy Oakes | article (co-author) "Instructional Choice: An Effective, Efficient, Low-Intensity Strategy to Support Student Success" Beyond Behavior, Aug. 2018

Jeanne Powers | article (co-author) "The Rich Get Richer: Inequalities in Public School Tax Credit Donations to Charter Schools in Arizona" Policy Futures in Education, Aug. 2018

Iveta Silova | book (co-editor) "Comparing Post-Socialist Transformations purposes, policies, and practices in education" Symposium Books, Aug. 2018

Iveta Silova | book review (author) "The Trajectory of Global Education Policy: Community-Based Management in El Salvador and the Global Reform Agenda" Comparative Education Review 62:3, July 2018

Iveta Silova | Garine Palandjian | article (co-authors) "Soviet Empire, Childhood, and Education" Revista Española de Educación Comparada 31, July 2018 (available in Spanish and English)

Edward Sloat | Audrey Amrein-Beardsley | article (co-authors) "Different teacher-level effectiveness estimates, different results: inter-model concordance across six generalized value-added models (VAMs)" Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability, July 2018

Hans van der Mars | white paper (co-author) "Moving Forward: A Research Agenda for SHAPE AmericaResearch Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, July 2018

Hyeonho Yu | Pamela Kulinna | article (co-authors) "An Integration of Mobile Applications into Physical Education Programs" Strategies 31:3, May 2018