MLFTC faculty publication roundup, November 2018


Erik Ketcherside

A monthly survey of books, chapters, articles and conference papers written by faculty members and graduate students of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Kevin Close | Nicole Bowers | Punya Mishra | Bryan Henderson | article (co-authors) "Students as Teachers: How science teachers can collaborate with their students using peer instruction" I Wonder: Rediscovering school science (Azim Premji University, Bangalore), Nov. 2018 

Jessica DeBiase | William Butler | Ruhi Khan | Penelope Dyer | book chapter (co-authors) "The Site Coordinator Role in a Clinically Rich Teacher Education Program" in "Outcomes of High-Quality Clinical Practice in Teacher Education" Information Age Publishing (Charlotte, NC), 2018 

Sherman Dorn | book review (author) "Fast and curious: A history of shortcuts in American education" by Robert Hampel, in Education Review, Oct. 2018

Carla Firetto | article (lead author) "Bolstering students’ written argumentation by refining an effective discourse intervention: negotiating the fine line between flexibility and fidelity" Instructional Science, Nov. 2018

Edith Gummer | book (co-editor, chapter author) "Data for Continuous Programmatic Improvement: Steps colleges of education must take to become a data culture" Taylor and Francis, 2018

Danah Henriksen | Punya Mishra | article (co-authors) "Everyone Designs: Learner autonomy through creative, reflective and iterative practice mindsets" Journal of Formative Design in Learning, Nov. 2018

Danah Henriksen | Punya Mishra | book chapter (co-authors) "Creativity and the Urban Teacher: A STEM-related professional development program" in "Creativity Under Duress in Education? Resistive theories, practices and actions" Springer Cham, Nov. 2018

Sogol Homayoun | Danah Henriksen | article (co-authors) "Creativity in Business Education: A Review of Creative Self-Belief Theories and Arts-Based Methods" Journal of Open Innovation 4:4, Nov. 2018

Sean LeahyPunya Mishra | conference paper (co-authors) "Designing the New Generation of Computer Labs for a College of EducationE-Learn World Conference on E-Learning, Oct. 15–18, Las Vegas

Mirka Koro-Ljungberg | David Carlson | Byoung-Gyu Gong | article (co-authors) "Aporetic and Productive Undecidedness of (Data in) Neoliberalism" Qualitative Inquiry, Nov. 2018

Punya Mishra | Ben Scragg | Melissa Warr | conference paper (co-authors) "The 5 Discourses of Design in E-Learning" E-Learn World Conference on E-Learning, Oct. 15–18, Las Vegas

Lindsey Moses | Xue Qiao | article (co-authors) "Literate Identity Development in First Grade: A cross-case analysis of students with strong and emerging decoding skills" Journal of Language and Literacy Education 14:2, fall 2018

Emily Nuñez-Eddy | Ying-Chih Chen | article (co-authors) "Engaging in Argumentation: Strategies for early elementary and English language learners" Science and Children 56:2, Sept. 2018

Wendy Oakes | articles (co-author) "Active Supervision: An effective, efficient, low-intensity strategy to support student success" Beyond Behavior, Oct. 2018; "Systematic Review of High Probability Requests in K-12 Settings: Examining the Evidence Base" Behavioral Disorders, Nov. 2018

Carrie Sampson | article (author) "'The State Pulled a Fast One on Us': A critical policy analysis of state-level policies affecting English learners from district-level perspectives" Educational Policy, Oct. 2018

Carrie Sampson | article (co-author) "Where Critical Policy Meets the Politics of Education: An introduction" Educational Policy, Oct. 2018

Iveta Silova | book (co-editor) "Comparing Post-Socialist Transformations: Purposes, policies and practices in education" Symposium Books, 2018

Robert Strom | article (lead author) "Education for Grandparents in Longevity Societies" Journal of Adult and Continuing Education, Nov. 2018

Maria Tatto | book chapter (co-author) "Mathematics Teacher Education Organization, Curriculum and Outcomes" in "Encyclopedia of Mathematics Education" Springer Publications (Dordrecht, Netherlands), 2018

Melissa Warr | Danah Henriksen | Punya Mishra | conference paper (co-authors) "What Do We Mean When We 'Design' E-Learning Solutions? An analysis of the discourses on education and design" E-Learn World Conference on E-Learning, Oct. 15–18, Las Vegas