MLFTC faculty publication roundup, December 2018


Erik Ketcherside

A monthly survey of books, chapters, articles and conference papers written by faculty members and graduate students of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Steve Graham | Karen Harris | article (co-authors) "Do writing motivational beliefs predict middle school students' writing performance?Journal of Research in Reading 41:4, Nov. 2018

Danah Henriksen | article (co-author) "An Embodied, Dialogic Endeavor: Towards a posthumanizing approach to creativity with Dr. Kerry Chappell" TechTrends, Nov. 2018

Mirka Koro-Ljungberg | David Carlson | article (co-authors) "Productive Forces of Post-Truth(s)?Qualitative Inquiry, Nov. 2018 

Mirka Koro-Ljungberg | article (co-author) "'Would you prefer not to?': Resetting/resistance across literature, culture and organizationsCulture and Organization 25:1, Nov. 2018

Pamela Kulinna | Hyeonho Yu | article (co-authors) "Effectiveness of Secondary School Conceptual Physical Education: A 20-Year longitudinal studyJournal of Physical Activity and Health, Nov. 2018

Pamela Kulinna | article (co-author) "Active Transportation: The role of parent attitude, the physical environment and social capitalJournal of Physical Activity and Health, Dec. 2018

Stephanie Reid | article (co-author) "Brian Selznick’s Marvel-ous Multimodal Novel: Exploring Images and Words with Eighth Grade English StudentsVoices from the Middle 26:2, Dec. 2018

Stephanie ReidFrank Serafiniarticle (co-authors) "More Than Words: An investigation of the middle-grade multimodal novelJournal of Children's Literature, Fall 2018