Faculty publication roundup, December/January 2020


Erik Ketcherside

A monthly survey of books, chapters, articles and conference papers written by faculty members and graduate students of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Juliet Hart Barnett — associate professor | Stanley Zucker — professor
David Berliner — Regents Professor Emeritus and research professor
Katie Bernstein — assistant professor
Mildred Boveda — assistant professor
Ray Buss — associate professor
Ying-Chih Chen — assistant professor
Scotty Craig — affiliate faculty member; associate professor, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
Kathleen Farrand — assistant professor | Megan Troxel Deeg — PhD student: Learning, Literacies and Technologies
Kathleen Farrand — assistant professor | Timothy Wells — PhD student: Learning, Literacies and Technologies
Karen Harris — Mary Emily Warner Professor of Education
Bryan Henderson — assistant professor
Yalda Kaveh — assistant professor
Barbara Kinach — associate professor
  • Conference paper (co-author): Learning through Stuff: Scaffolded prototyping with manipulatives as a means to effectively learn engineering design by navigating from the concrete to the abstract | Clive L. Dym Mudd Design Workshop XI: Design Education & Practice — How Process Matters (Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, Calif., May–June 2019)
  • Conference paper (co-author): Innovating Scaffolded Prototyping for Design Education: Toward a conceptual framework derived from mathematics pedagogy | 41st Annual Meeting, International Group for the Psychology Of Mathematics Education – North American Chapter (St. Louis, Nov. 2019.
Pamela Kulinna — professor
Pamela Kulinna — professor | Hyeonho Yu — PhD student: Learning, Literacies and Technologies
Josephine Peyton Marsh — associate professor | Deborah Gonzalez — faculty associate
Wendy Peia Oakes — associate professor
Stephen Santa-Ramirez — PhD student: Educational Policy and Evaluation
Iveta Silova — director, Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education; professor
Lynzi Stralek — clinical assistant professor
Leigh Graves Wolf — clinical associate professor
Chengan Yuan — assistant professor

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