Alfonso G. Prieto Student Teacher Scholarship

Dr. Prieto’s love for education was almost as amazing as his love for Arizona State University. He dedicated his career to teaching graduate students and future teachers how to teach children with special needs. Through his research and his years as a professor he was constantly challenging the main stream ideas regarding learning patterns of bilingual children and children with “learning disabilities”. He believed that education should not discriminate, and not be prejudiced, and should be available for all children.

All Arizona School Retirees Association Scholarship

All Arizona School Retirees Association Scholarship Foundation (AASRASF) is comprised of former teachers who are dedicated to improving education in Arizona.  AASRASF raises funds annual to provide support for students who have demonstrated leadership or involvement in Teachers College organizations.

Alpha Delta Kappa - Fidelis Theta Chapter Scholarship

 The scholarship is funded by the local chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa for retired teachers.  Each year they raise money to support Elementary, Secondary and Special Education majors in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, with a strong GPA. AZ Fidelis Theta  Sorority's purpose is: to give recognition to outstanding women educators; to promote educational high standards; to promote educational and charitable projects and activities; to sponsor scholarships; to contribute to world understanding, good will and peace.

Althea Rautenburg Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund

This fund is established by Althea Rautenberg Smith who was a graduate of University of Illinois who had a life-long interest in education with her parents. Her parents encouraged her to continue their education.

ASU Campus Scholarship

There are two scholarships to supports juniors and seniors in the Teachers College West Campus.  One award provides funds for tuition and the other provides funding for books.

ASU West Academic Endowment Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1989 by Dr. Alberto Sanchez, a former President of the Glendale Rotary Club and several other donors to aid students campus wide who are enrolled in their junior or senior year at the West Campus. The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is one of the colleges who has benefited from the generosity of this group.

ASU West Alumni Association Scholarship

The ASU Alumni Association West Campus offers scholarships that rotate between several colleges at ASU to provide financial support for students enrolled at West Campus and in their junior or senior year of a graduate program.

Ava Marie Doyle Family Scholarship Endowment

Ava Marie Doyle and her late husband , Jack Findley Doyle, were both 1947 graduates of ASU with degrees in Elementary Education. The Ava Marie Doyle Family Scholarship will honor the memory of the Doyle family members, many who attended ASU. 

Betty Clark Scholarship

This scholarship support juniors and seniors in the Teachers College who have a strong academic record. 

Burke H. Bretzing

This fund was established by Dr. Burke Bretzing who received his Masters in Ed. Psychology and PhD. In Ed. Psychology from ASU.

Buzz Sands Chevrolet Endowed Scholarship

This scholarships fund was established in 2001 with a generous gift from Louis Sands in honor of the Sands Family to provide financial support for Teachers College Students enrolled at the West Campus. 

Carol Vierow and CC Scholarship

The amount of funds generated by this endowment makes available on an annual basis, funds to support juniors and seniors in the Teachers College with financial need. 

Chamberlain-Coffinger Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Dunn Chamberlain was born in 1913 in Montrose, Colorado. Margaret attended grade and high school in Montrose and graduated from high school in 1931. Margaret wanted to go to college, but it was during the Depression, and money was tight. The nearby colleges in Boulder and Fort Collins were more than she could afford, so she contacted ASU and found it more reasonable. Her mother gave her $500 for the school year. When she arrived in Tempe, she was able to get a job at the college cafeteria to help pay for her room and board.

Charro Foundation Fellowship

The Fellowship was established to encourage teachers in the Scottsdale Unified School District to maintain their dedication to the field of teaching and become accomplished teachers by continuing their education at ASU in a master?s program in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.  It provides the cost of tuition up to $4,750 per year for up to 3 years. 

Clayton J. and Barbara W. Dean Scholarship Endowment

ASU always held a special place in the hearts of Clayton J. and Barbara W. Dean. Both attended ASU, where they watched Tempe and the college blossom during the 1950s. Clayton began his career with Mountain Bell Telephone Company before moving into real estate, while Barbara raised their three children. The donors hope to support the success of students studying education, and hope recipients of this scholarship will be able to help others along the way.

Daisy M. Jones Endowed Scholarship

The Daisy M. Jones Endowed Scholarship was established in 1998 for the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College by Daisy M. Jones. Ms. Jones was a passionate supporter of education. This scholarship is intended to support promising graduate students pursuing advanced degrees and conducting worthwhile research or academic projects. 

David and Karen Schwalm Scholarship

David and Karen Schwalm created this scholarship as an emblem of their commitment to students at the Polytechnic campus, especially to students committed to becoming Elementary of Special Education teachers.

Deanna Womack Caldwell Scholarship

This Fund was created in 1972 by Helen Maude Womack in honor of her late daughter, Deanna Womack Caldwell, who graduated from the College of Education in 1959.  The scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate scholarship, leadership, have financial need and a strong GPA.

Delta Kappa Gamma – Alpha XI, Sun City Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who are entering their junior or senior year. Priority is given to Arizona Residents, returning students, and students who are involved in campus activities.  Each year the scholarship recipient is a guest of the organization on their monthly meeting.

Don and Caroline Kirkpatrick Scholarship

The Don and Caroline Kirkpatrick Scholarship was established by the couple?s daughter, Rayma Beal as a recognition of their lifetime commitment to ASU.  Caroline Kirkpatrick earned her Associates (1929), Bachelors (1931) and Masters (1944) from ASU. As an elementary school teacher in Phoenix and at the Boarding School in Fort Apache, she firmly believed in the value of good teachers to help prepare students for life. She was the only member of her family to attend and graduate college.

Dr. David N. Mata Academic Achievement Scholarship

The David N. Mata Academic Achievement Scholarship is named in honor of Dr. David N. Mata. A native of Arizona, Dr. Mata received his doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Arizona State University in the College of Education. Dr. Mata established the scholarship to assist students preparing to teach upon graduation. 

Dr. Joan Fraizer Paracheck Scholarship

The Dr. Joan Frazier Paracheck Memorial Endowment Fund was established as a permanent endowment in 1976 for the ASU College of Education by Kenneth S. and Marie K. Frazier for support of graduate and postgraduate students, with a preference for doctoral students and those working in the area of gifted children.

Dr. John David Morgan Fellowship Endowment

Though Mr. Morgan made his living working with a telephone company, he believed that education was what separated man from the animals.  This scholarship in his legacy honors his wish to improve education in the world upon his death. 

Dr. Linda Brock Scholarship

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College alum, Dr. Linda Brock has established a scholarship to encourage teachers to maintain their dedication to the field of education and become accomplished leaders by continuing their education at ASU in the Ed.D. program in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

Dr. Morrison Fulbright Warren and Warren Family Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Morrison Warren (December 6, 1923- April 9, 2002) has been characterized as a ?bridge builder? and one who lived by the principles instilled in him at an early age by his parents: the absolute importance of education, hard work, excellence, fair play, contribution, dreams, persistence, humility, and love of God.

Dr. Orville Lee and Helen Seeley Buchanan Scholarship

Mr. Buchanan was a former teacher, principal, and school administrator. Born and raised in in Rush Springs, Oklahoma, Mr. Buchanan was a proud . He joined the U.S. Army Corps in World War II where he flew B-17 bombers with the 478th bomber group. He was a squad commander who flew 13 combat missions over Europe.  After returning from the war, Mr. Buchanan had a new idea for his life- he wanted to become a teacher.

Dr. Roy C. Rice Scholarship

This fund was established with a gift from the estate of Dr. Roy Rice, whom held a variety of positions at ASU including Dean and established a strong summer school program. This scholarship was established to support students who are pursuing masters or doctoral degrees in Secondary Education.

East Valley School Retirees Association Scholarship

This scholarship is funded annually by 85 former teachers who live in the east side of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area (Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Apache Junction, Gilbert, Higley and Queen Creek) to support a junior or senior in any Teachers College major.

Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Alumni Fellowship

This scholarship was established in 2002 by Mimi Wolverton and her husband Marvin. Ms. Wolverton earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in 1994. As a student, Ms. Wolverton received a graduate assistantship which contributed to her academic success.  Ms. Wolverton established the scholarship to pay forward the generosity she received as a student. 

Eleanor Noble Endowment

Three time alumna of Arizona State University, Dr. Eleanor Noble has established an endowment for continuing fellowship for deserving students admitted into a Ph.D. program at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. Dr. Noble understands first-hand the limited financial resources available for students at the doctoral level, and seeks to alleviate the financial burden for Ph.D. candidates.

Ellen Rose Anatole Scholarship

The Ellen Rose Anatole Scholarship Award was established in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College for students majoring in Special Education. Ellen Rose Anatole was born in 1961 in Phoenix, and graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Fine Arts. In 1986, when she was a pedestrian, she was hit by a drunk driver and suffered a severe head injury.  The many years of physical, occupational, and cognitive therapies have enabled her to now hold two part-time jobs and enjoy having friends.

Eloise and Gene Koonce Excellence in Education Scholarship

Eloise Koonce is a retired K-12 educator in physical sciences with degrees in astronomy.  Her husband, Gene Koonce, is retired from the petroleum industry.  Both are graduates of Texas Tech University and believe strongly in an educated citizenry and the transformational power of education to advance society, discovery, and human welfare. They both appreciate the work of Arizona State University to improve teacher preparation in STEM initiatives.  The Fund shall be used to provide undergraduate scholarship support for ASU?s STEM initiatives for teacher preparation.

Ernestine Lund Nash Fellowship

The Ernestine Lund Nash Scholarship was created in 1989 and was established as a permanent endowment for needy students. 

Ernestine Lund Nash Scholarship

The Ernestine Lund Nash Scholarship was established as a permanent endowment in 1981 for students earning a teaching degree that demonstrated financial need. 

Estelle Jillson Scholarship

The Estelle Jillson Scholarship Fund was established as a permanent endowment in 1986 for the ASU College of Education by Estelle Thomason to provide support for girls going into the teaching profession.

Family Spirit Scholarship

This scholarship is open to undergraduate students who have a minimum 3.0 GPA and demonstrate financial need.

Gary and Diane Tooker Endowed Scholarship for Education

Gary and Diane Tooker are both alumni of ASU, Gary having received his BSE in electrical engineering and Diane her BAE in elementary education. This scholarship endowment provides strong testimony to their leadership, commitment, and devotion to their alma mater and the community at large. 

George Royal Scholarship

The George Royal Scholarship was established in memoriam of George Gilbert Royal (1913-2004). Mr. Royal struggled throughout college to pay his tuition, often trading sausages sent from his father to the owner of the house he lived in to pay for his board. The Great Depression hit as Mr. Royal was nearing his final year of college. Everyone across the nation was devastated, and Mr. Royal was no exception. Mr. Royals had to drop out of college and rode the rails to Colorado and eventually California. Along the way, he worked on government projects serving in the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Ina Hamlin Scholarship

This endowment was established by Ms. Jessie Waterhouse Fisk to support junior or seniors with financial needs pursuing any major in the Teachers College. 

Joan L. Fisher Scholarship

This scholarship was named in honor of Mrs. Joan (Hatcher) Fisher, a 1969 College of Education graduate in Elementary Education. Mrs. Fisher believes that we must have great teachers, and has provided the following in regards to this scholarship.

John and Barbara Bebbling Scholarship in Education

John and Barbara Bebbling are both alumni of ASUs class of 1971, John having received his BS in general business administration and Barbara her BAE in elementary education.  The Bebblings wish to have a positive impact on future educators, and continue to support ASU in myriad capacities.

Kay Jarnagin Thompson Endowed Scholarship

Ms. Jarnagin believes early childhood education is important and provides a foundation for children to have a successful education and quality of life. Therefore, the scholarship is intended to support students in the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher?s College, West Campus, who are interested in early childhood education.

Laurie S. Gifford Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship was established in 1987 in memoriam of Laurie S. Gifford by her mother. Ms. Laurie Gifford was a student in the College of Education. The scholarship was created to help future students achieve the career in teaching which Laurie was intending to pursue. 

Marcus K. Sipolt Scholarship Endowment

Marcus Sipolt is the founder and Managing Partner of Technical and Business Consulting, L.L.C., a national consulting practice based in Phoenix, Arizona. After a 20 year career in consulting, Mr. Sipolt pursed his Masters of Business Administration in the ASU Executive MBA Program. He continues to support ASU via participation on the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Deans Advisory Council, and other College of Business organizations. Mr. Sipolts primary philanthropic interest and focus is in the development of children. 

Marilyn Day Vesely Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the daughters of Marilyn Day Vesely's. Marilyn was a teacher of children. Her entire professional career was dedicated to teaching. She spent the last 21 years of her career in the Tempe Public School District #3, and most recently at the Scales Professional Development School. At her retirement in 1999, she was a reading specialist at Scales and was teaching undergraduate students part-time at the College of Education at ASU.

Marion Stroud Scholarship

Established in 1989, the Marion Stroud Scholarship is intended to support deserving students earning a teaching degree. The scholarship is in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Allee and their daughter, Margaret.

May Hazlewood LaRue Scholarship Endowment

The May Hazlewood LaRue Scholarship was established as a permanent  endowment in 1995 for the ASU College of Education to support a deserving undergraduate elementary education major. 

Merle Packer Physical Education Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Merle Packer passed away on April 30, 2007 at the age of 85. Dr. Packer was long time faculty member at ASU who taught physical education and coached womens intercollegiate sports. Her badminton teams won many national championships. She represents the original group of women faculty involved in physical education at ASU and also womens sports.  Her contributions continue to be recognized in the sports world as one of the pioneers of the womens sports movement.

Nikki Schloegel Memorial Scholarship

In 1997, just three months shy of her anticipated graduation from ASUs College of Education, Nikki Schloegel died from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Her family, friends, and co-workers were devastated by the loss but channeled their energy into the creation of the Around A Mountain for Leukemia Walk. This annual event began on October 24, 1998, and has a dual focus: raising money for leukemia research and supporting the Nikki Schloegel Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Noel Chadwin Gray

This fund was established with a gift from the estate of Noel Gray and his wife Carlotta who was a 1925 ASU College of Ed graduate.

Norma Pike Maarsingh Scholarship

The Norma Pike Maarsingh Scholarship is named in honor of Norma Pike Maarsingh, a well-respected and talented faculty member in ASUs department of Exercise Science and Physical Education  from 1962-1986. Ms. Maarsingh retired in 1989 as an associate professor.


R. Merwin Deever Fellowship

Merwin Deever devoted many years of his life at Arizona State University to the training of school administrators. In an effort to continue this work and honor his memory, this fellowship was established by his wife Virginia and children Diane and Douglas. The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and ASU are proud to join in this tribute to Merwin Deever. 

Ralph H. Morris Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship was established in 1981 by Mary Scott Morris in memory of her father, Ralph H. Morris, to support students studying elementary education. 

Robert Armstrong Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Education

This scholarship is in memoriam of Robert Armstrong, a dedicated husband and father. Dr. Armstrong received his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in 1967 with an emphasis on math and educational research. Dr. Armstrong taught statistics and Educational Research at Arizona State University, where he was employed from 1967-1989. He retired from ASU as a professor emeritus in 1989. His sheer love for teaching made him an excellent teacher.

Robert B. Rutherford Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship endowment was created by faculty, staff and members of the Teachers College Community to honor Dr. Rutherford’s work and contributions in the field of special education.  The funds provide support to a doctoral student.

Roma Gentry Memorial Scholarship

Roma Jim Gentry was born in Arizona and raised in Prescott.  She believed that a well-balanced education should include physical activity and while pursuing her bachelors degree in Elementary Education at Arizona State University, participated in six sports tennis, track, softball, field hockey, volleyball and basketball until her graduation in 1937.  When Jim Gentry passed away in 1998, her family and friends established the Roma Gentry Memorial Scholarship to honor her commitment to an active lifestyle and to provide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in

Rosalyn Lyon Scholarship in Education

Rosalyn and Rusty Lyon have been long time friends and supporters of ASU. Rosalyn is an alumna who majored in education and worked for a period of time as a teacher. She is a native or Arizona.  Mr. and Mrs. Lyon's primary motivations for everything they do is to help individuals have a better quality of life.

Rudy and Charlotte Lavik Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is funded annually by a donation by the Lavik Family to support a junior or senior Physical Education Major who is recognized as an outstanding student for the Physical Education profession.

Sandra R. Glass Scholarship

This scholarship is in honor of Sandra Rubin Glass. Ms. Glass is a native of Chicago, but has spent most of her life in the Southwest. Two of her children were born in Shiprock, New Mexico where she sometimes taught at schools of the Navajo Nation. She has been a teacher, administrator, and university lecturer at various times throughout her more than 30 year career as an educator. Additionally, Ms. Glasss daughter is an elementary school teacher. 

Sharon and Donald Jarnagin Family Scholarship

The Jarnagin family is composed of many successful Sun Devils! Mr. Jarnagin was a member of the College of Teacher Education and Leadership Advisory Board and is a lifelong member of the Alumni Association. His mother and extended family include three generations of ASU alumni. Mr. and Mrs. Jarnagin share an interest in supporting deserving students who are preparing to become teachers.

Sun Angel Funk Scholarship

For more than 50 years, the Sun Angel Foundation, a group of business and civic leaders, has worked for the betterment of Arizona State University.  In 1955, the Sun Angel Foundation and the Funk's Greyhound Racing Circuit established Sun Angle Night at Greyhound Park in Phoenix and the proceeds from the events was donated to the endowment that supports this scholarship.   The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is one of nine colleges at Arizona State University to benefit from the Sun Angel Foundation support.

Teresa Campolongo Memorial Scholarship

The Teresa Campolongo Memorial Scholarship was created in 2008 by Christopher Campolongo in honor of his late mother Teresa Campolongo. It was established to recognize the contributions Teresa made educating two generations of Phoenix high school students in the study of English.

Teresa was born in Italy in 1932 and immigrated to America with her parents as an infant. She grew up in Illinois, moving to Phoenix, Ariz., with her family in 1946. She attended North Phoenix High School, graduating in 1950.

Thomas Cain Scholarship

The scholarship was established by James and Kathleen Arner in honor of her grandfather, Thomas Cain and funded annually to support students majoring in Elementary Education and Special Education.

Vice President Circle Scholarship

The Provost's Club serves as an educational, economic, cultural and social catalyst for the North and West Valley.  Individuals and corporate members of the Provosts Club have contributed to the formation of Vice Presidents Circle Scholarship that provides financial support for students pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Education at Mary Lu Fulton Teachers College West Campus.

William L. and Creta D. Sabine Scholarship

Founded in 1989, the William L. and Creta D. Sabine Scholarship is intended to support deserving graduate students studying educational administration and supervision. 

Woody and Dorotha Jarnagin Family Endowed Scholarship

Woody and Dorothea Jarnagin graduated from Peoria High School in 1939. Woody was recruited to play for the football for the Bulldogs (ASUs team name at that time) and Dorothea headed to Tempe to attend what was then called the Arizona State Teachers College. Woodys football career came to an end with the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and Dorothea received her degree in 1943. They were married, and after WWII, they settled in Peoria where Woody resumed his cotton farming business.