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Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College hosted the symposium, Innovations in Global Learning Metrics: A Focused Debate Among Users, Producers and Researchers. Funded by the Spencer Foundation and Open Society Foundation and held in Tempe, Arizona, in November 2018, the event brought together a small group of stakeholders, test developers, researchers, and political and social leaders to advance a policy dialogue about a more effective and meaningful use of global learning metrics for education policymaking at both national and international levels. During the symposium, participants discussed strategies for linking education global learning metrics to other relevant social global metrics (health, economic, demographic) in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4. An exploration of display technologies for data visualization, modeling, and simulation to assist in the processes of evidence-informed decision-making related to global learning metrics allowed participants to theorize on new opportunities for understanding educational outcomes.

One of the findings of the symposium was that measures of education quality need to follow a new path forward that includes environmental awareness and education for sustainability, as summarized in the video below.

Why Measure Un-Sustainable Education? 
by Janna Goebel, Gustavo E. Fischman and Iveta Silova
Animation by Bernardo Medeiros

Position papers

Learn more about this work in the following position papers written by event participants.

Innovations in Global Learning Metrics: A focused debate among users, producers, and researchers

Inaugural Symposium of the Comparative and International Education Society

Current projects

Facing the Climate Change Catastrophe: Education as Solution or Cause?
By Iveta Silova, Hikaru Komatsu and Jeremy Rappleye

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