ICAP Module: A Short Introduction

One of Dr. Chi's most prominent theories is the ICAP Theory. This mini module gives a brief introduction for educators or learners on how ICAP works and can be implemented in the classroom.

Dr. Chi named the 2020 Recipient of the Harold W. McGraw Prize

The Harold W. McGraw Prize is awarded to innovators in education and focused on improving learning. Watch this video to see her award acceptance speech.

Differentiating 4 modes of Engagement in Active Learning

“Active Learning” is a broad term that generally refers to students doing something about learning. Dr. Chi offers a more precise framework for differentiating between the types of active learning learners use—interactive (I), constructive (C), active (A), and passive (P).

Thorndike Career Achievement Award - APA 2016

Division 15 presents Dr. Michelene Chi's speech in receipt of the E.L. Thorndike Career Achievement Award at the 2016 Annual APA Convention, held in Denver, CO.

Ed-Talk: Engaging Students to Promote Deeper Learning

Ed-Talk: Engaging Students to Promote Deeper Learning;
Michelene T.H. Chi, Arizona State University;
April 11, 2016;
Washington, DC

Speaker Bio:

Rumelhart Award Symposium: "Translating the ICAP Theory of Cognitive Engagement into Practice"

Dr. Michelene Chi's speech in honor of her receiving the Rumelhart Prize at the 41st Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society held in Montreal, Canada.

Dr. Chi was named Regents Professor in 2018, the highest faculty honor awarded at Arizona State University.

Watch this video to get some insight on her work, what she does at Arizona State University, and why she was named a Regents Professor.