Academic support

MLFTC’s academic coach helps with writing, math, time management, study habits and much more.

Recognizing the unique needs of you, as a future educator, our academic coach works with you to connect classroom theory with practical field experiences.

Frequently asked questions

Academic coaching helps with your overall academic and personal development. It helps in developing your learning and academic skills, as well as your confidence in using these skills to be successful in both studying and learning.

Academic coaching is available to all MLFTC undergraduate and graduate students.

Academic coaching takes an individualized, developmental approach to supporting you. This means that it gives you the tools, skills and confidence to enhance your learning and independence. Together, we’ll discuss strategies and methods that may assist you in your academic career.

Appointments are scheduled one-on-one, but you are welcome to book small group appointments if a few of you have shared learning and developmental goals.

  • Academic writing
  • APA citations and turnitin reports
  • Math
  • Academic Status Reports
  • Time management and prioritizing
  • Critical thinking and reading
  • Study and test taking strategies
  • Connecting classroom theory with practical field experiences
  • Predict what grade we think you will get
  • Correct your work for you
  • Proofread your work for you (although we can discuss proofreading strategies)
  • Correct or proofread your entire reference list
  • Be held responsible for the grade you receive
  • Read and provide feedback on every piece of work you produce
  • Do the work for you

In addition to one-to-one and small group appointments, we encourage you to make use of the full range of academic support in the following ways:

APA 7th Edition Resources

Introduction to APA 7th Edition

This resource is aimed at faculty and students and is designed to address some of the key differences between the 6th and 7th edition of the APA Manual. 

APA Formatting a Paper

This resource is designed to help you format your paper using the 7th edition of APA. This includes the title page, abstract, and conventions of the main body itself. 

Formatting a paper

APA In-Text Citations

This resource is designed to develop your understanding of how to cite your work in-text using the 7th edition of APA. It is also designed to help you feel more confident in upholding high standards of academic integrity.

In-text citations

APA Reference List

This resource is designed to develop your understanding of and confidence in compiling a reference list using the 7th edition of APA.

APA references