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Success coaching

Supporting your journey in college and beyond

At Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, you’ll be part of a community committed to fostering personalized and accessible support. One of the ways MLFTC helps students succeed is by providing personalized coaching in the areas of academic success, career planning, financial literacy and wellness. Success coaches are staff members at MLFTC who specialize in their respective content areas and are dedicated to helping education students achieve holistic success. 

student meeting with a success coach

Success coaching

Make the most of your coaching appointments

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Student services presentations

In addition to offering one-on-one coaching to students, the student success team coaches also offer a variety of presentations, programs or activities to MLFTC classes or student organizations. Browse the programs we offer and schedule one that matches your group’s needs.

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Request escalated support

If you are a student – or know a student – who needs escalated support, please submit a Support Our Students form. By submitting this form, MLFTC leadership will initiate coordinated care strategist intervention to help you with your concern as quickly as possible.

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