career coach working with a student

Career coaching

Personalized career support to achieve your professional goals

The MLFTC career coach is available to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your education degree and experiences with the goal of long-term success. The career coach can help you with current and post-graduation goals. In addition to helping future teachers, the career coach is also available to assist current students who want a career in education outside of the classroom.

Trevor Knox

Your career coach

Trevor Knox

Meet with Trevor

career coach working with a student

What topics can the career coach help me with?

  • Career exploration
  • Resume development and editing
  • Interviewing preparation
  • Professional development
  • Job search strategies
  • Educational career pathway options

Community job postings

student attending a career fair event

District hiring fairs

Schools frequently host statewide hiring fairs for future educators. In addition to checking school district websites, Teach in Arizona is a great resource to receive the latest information.

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