MLFTC introduces Master of Science degree in Education Sciences

MLFTC introduces Master of Science degree in Education Sciences
February 09, 2021
Erik Ketcherside

Beginning in fall 2021, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University will offer a Master of Science degree in Education Sciences on the Tempe campus. The new degree program equips educators with the knowledge and skills to conduct and use quantitative research in education. Those skills include designing scientifically valid research studies, measurement, data management, data mining, quantitative data analysis and practical research.

The program, the first Master of Science degree offered at MLFTC, is tailored for students interested in careers as researchers, data analysts or data scientists, and administrators in a variety of education institutions or education research organizations. These can include research and policy firms, private industry (particularly in human resources departments and education and training programs), universities, state and federal agencies and foundations. 

M. Jeanne Wilcox, Nadine Basha Professor of Early Childhood Education, and Geoffrey Borman, Foundation Professor of Quantitative Methods and Education Policy, will oversee the program. Borman explains, “This MS program was created in response to the growing national movement to link strong quantitative evidence to the development of evidence-based education policy and programs. Organizations in the public and private sector are increasingly in need of individuals with skills in practical quantitative research, analysis and data management. This program will help students apply quantitative research skills to investigating and improving education policies and practices at every level, from preschool through adult education.”

Students in the program will participate in a unique research apprenticeship model. This applied experience allows students to forge connections to faculty research and off-campus internship opportunities while fostering student learning and workforce readiness.

The program also qualifies for the STEM OPT extension for students studying on F-1 visas. This extension from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services allows international students to gain additional off-campus work experience in their field of study after completion of course studies.

Applications are now being accepted. Learn more about the degree.