Faculty publication roundup, October 2021


Meghan Ensell

This month, Leanna Archambault and Wilhelmina Savenye explore the informal learning experiences of members of a Facebook group; Geoffrey D. Borman tests the efficacy of an intervention to buffer students from stereotypes and mitigate the racial suspension gap; Sherman Dorn writes about violence in schools; and more.

Leanna Archambault, associate professor; Wilhelmina Savenye, Professor Emeritus


Leanna Archambault, associate professor; Lauren Harris, associate professor


R. Lennon Audrain, doctoral student; Andrea E. Weinberg, assistant professor;  Ashley Bennett, graduate student; Joseph O’Reilly, director of Decision Center for Educational Excellence; Carole G. Basile, dean 


Geoffrey D. Borman, Alice Wiley Snell Professor 


Sherman Dorn, professor


Carla Firetto, assistant professor


Craig A. Mertler, associate professor