Faculty accolades, August 23


Erik Ketcherside

Sarup Mathur has been named the Ryan Courtney Harris Memorial Endowed Professor at Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. A professor of special education in the division of educational leadership and innovation, Mathur is nationally recognized for her work in the field of emotional and behavioral disorders. She is a former secretary and president of the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders and the past president of Teacher Educators for Children with Behavioral Disorders. She has also been an associate director of the National Center of Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice. From 2012–18, Mathur was principal investigator for Project RISE and RISE-IT, two MLFTC research inquiries to create a replicable model to successfully transition youth with disabilities from juvenile justice facilities to the community.

Geoffrey Borman, previously a Foundation Professor at MLFTC, is the new Alice Wiley Snell Endowed Professor of Education. Borman’s research specialties include quantitative methods and education policy, particularly around the social distribution of the outcomes of schooling and the ways in which policies and practices can help address and overcome educational inequality. His current work on racial stereotypes and how students' mindsets can foster or hinder school success produced widely read studies of a simple, low-cost intervention for middle school students that results in better grades and fewer missed days of school and trips to the principal’s office. A fellow of the American Educational Research Association, Borman has been selected on multiple occasions by Education Week as one of the top 200 scholars having the most significant influence on U.S. education practice and policy.