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Arizona Teachers Academy

About Arizona Teachers Academy at ASU

The Arizona Teachers Academy award is specific to Arizona residents and available to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in teacher certification programs. Programs are offered in a range of in-person and remote formats.

Explore our programs, find your fit and get started on becoming a certified teacher. Award recipients agree to teach in an Arizona public school after graduation for the same number of years equal to the number of years for which they received the award.

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Arizona Teachers Academy award for future students

The ATA award covers tuition and program fees for students who complete an initial teacher certification program and fulfill a commitment to teach in an Arizona public school after graduation. Awards will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis based on time of enrollment.

If you have additional questions about the ATA award, financial aid in general or your next steps, feel free to reach out to the MLFTC recruitment team.

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Interest form for new students

If you are a future student, please complete the interest below to be considered for the ATA award.

If you are currently receiving the ATA award, there is no need to complete this form. Instead, please contact ATAaward@asu.edu.

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Arizona Teachers Academy award for current ASU students

Resources are available to assist with the ATA award process and professional development as a future or current teacher.

If you’ve been previously awarded, currently receiving or interested in receiving the ATA award, please contact ATAaward@asu.edu.

Resources for ASU alumni