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Arizona Teachers Academy at ASU

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Receive a full-tuition scholarship and teach in the state of Arizona

The Arizona Teachers Academy is a specific award funded by the state of Arizona. Funding for new students enrolling at ASU in Spring 2023 and Fall 2023 has not yet been approved. In order to be considered for an ATA award if and when funding is approved, you must be enrolled.

Here are the steps you can take to be considered for an ATA award. 

  1. Submit this expression of interest
  2. Apply for admission to a qualifying undergraduate or graduate-level teacher-preparation program at ASU

There are many other forms of financial aid provided by ASU. We can help you explore all available avenues for financial aid.

Arizona Teachers Academy interest form

Please complete the interest form below to be considered for the ATA award if additional funds were to become available.

If you are an enrolled student for Fall 2022 with questions about your ATA award, please contact us at ATAaward@asu.edu.