Undergraduate advising teams

Academic advisors are here to help you succeed throughout your journey as an undergraduate student. When you are admitted as a student to Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, you are assigned to an advising team based on your degree program. Your advising team is dedicated to helping you navigate your college experience.

Our advising teams are managed by Becca Salay, director of undergraduate student services and Erica Mitchell, executive director of student services.

Advising teams

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Team Cholla

Team Cholla Programs:

BAE Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education
BAE Secondary Education (Physical Education)
BAE Special Education and Elementary Education -- ASU campus locations
BAE Special Education and Elementary Education -- "ASU@" locations
BAE Special Education (Visual Impairment)
Minor, Early Childhood
Minor, Educational Studies
Certificate, Environmental Education

Cristina Hansen

Image of Cristina Hansen

Leslie Namerow

Leslie Namerow headshot

Shawnte Sanders

Shwante Sanders portrait

Team Gila

Team Gila Programs:

BAE Secondary Education - all programs except PE - Team Cholla (above) advises for PE students
Art, Dance and Music Learning and Teaching (education related questions)
Certificate, Secondary Education
Certificate, Environmental Education
Minor, Educational Studies

Chris Carabajal

Chris Carabajal headshot

Wendy Jabbour

Image of Wendy Jabbour

Aziel Koski

Aziel Koski portrait

Team Ocotillo

Team Ocotillo Programs:

BAE Elementary Education
BAE Elementary Education (STEM)
BAE Elementary Education (Educating Multilingual Learners)
Minor, Educational Studies
Certificate, Environmental Education

Jody Gordon

Image of Jody Gordon

Suzann Lebda

Suzann Lebda headshot

Paula Estrada Guzman

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Team Thrive

Team Thrive Programs:

BAE Educational Studies
BAE Educational Studies (Early Childhood)
BAS Applied Science (Early Childhood Studies)

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Call (602) 543-3634 to schedule an appointment.

Chantell Rodgers

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Jason Benoit

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Warren Hunt

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Education Exploratory

The Education Exploratory program provides first-year students with the ability to explore various areas in education prior to selecting a major at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

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Call (480) 965-5555 to schedule an appointment.

Jennifer Centner

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Valerie Shipp

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