Partnering with Morocco’s universities to improve education

Higher Education Partnership–Morocco

Principal investigator:
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Originating sponsor:
Direct sponsor:
U.S. Agency for International Development
Grant start date:
September 30, 2019
Grant end date:
September 29, 2024

For questions about this project, please contact:

Mohammed Elmeski, Chief of Party

Tanya Pinkerton, Senior Project Coordinator

The challenge:

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The Kingdom of Morocco seeks to improve education within its borders to create an internationally competitive education system that, in the words of King Mohammed VI, “responds to the needs of the modern economy, to promote scientific research and innovation and to create a culture of a knowledge economy and communication” — part of the kingdom’s Strategic Vision 2015–2030. Technology provides creative ways for institutions to work together globally in preparing educators for the teaching and learning needed for young children; and in implementing new models of teacher preparation with a systemic approach that provides for institutionalization and sustainability.

The approach:

Over the next five years, Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College will work with Morocco’s Ministry of Education, universities within the kingdom and teacher training institutions, with the aid of experienced technical assistance and private sector agencies, to form the Higher Education Partnership–Morocco.

Other Higher Education Partnership–Morocco partners are:

  • Creative Associates International — providing technical assistance in developing strands for teaching reading in Arabic as part of the primary teaching degree
  • The OCP Group — supporting convenings and the development of a national-scale learning management system and collaboration platform in partnership with the Morocco Ministry of Education

Higher Education Partnership–Morocco partners will support Moroccan faculty in designing and piloting a comprehensive, systems approach to primary teacher preparation that bestows a three-year undergraduate degree (license) in primary teaching and associated year-long preparation in pedagogy and one-year apprentice teaching (qualifications). The degree will reference international standards in inclusive education and will pay particular attention to issues of gender equity.

The partnership will operate as a consultative and oversight body that deploys technical working groups to implement tasks, and through which Higher Education Partnership–Morocco will build the systems redesign and relationships that will sustain impact beyond the life of this five-year activity. Funding for Higher Education Partnership–Morocco comes from the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Findings and impact:

Higher Education Partnership–Morocco is funded from Sept. 2019 to Sept. 2024. After five years, a continuing partnership between MLFTC and the alliance will remain to share in research and education workforce design.