Transforming the global education workforce

Many of the challenges confronting education and impeding its progress don’t have borders. So Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is taking a leadership role in the international conversation about how best to address these challenges.

Transforming the Education Workforce

MLFTC faculty members and staff collaborate with the Education Commission — the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity — in its initiative to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4: ensuring inclusive and quality education and promoting lifelong learning for all. 

MLFTC Dean Carole Basile serves on the steering committee of the Education Commission’s Education Workforce Initiative, and MLFTC scholars Iveta Silova, Yeukai Mlambo and Ann Nielsen contributed to “Transforming the Education Workforce: Learning Teams for a Learning Generation.” This September 2019 report from the commission draws on evidence and innovations from education and other sectors to rethink the education workforce, and puts forward approaches for addressing immediate needs while also creating collaborative teams and systems for the future.

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Redesigning the Education Workforce: A Design Thinking Approach

MLFTC faculty contributed background papers to aid the Education Commission’s work, including “Redesigning the Education Workforce: A Design Thinking Approach.” Written by Silova, Mlambo and Nielsen, the paper shares design principles created to inform the process of redesigning the education workforce.

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Education workforce fieldwork

Design principles drafted by MLFTC for global education workforce development draw on primary research conducted in Ghana and Vietnam. Mlambo and Nielsen, with input from Silova, provided “Primary Research on the Design of the Education Workforce in Ghana,” a Transforming the Education Workforce background paper, to share insight on the current education workforce that supports schools in Ghana.

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Nielsen, Mlambo and Hang B. Duong wrote “Primary Research on the Design of the Education Workforce in Vietnam,” a Transforming the Education Workforce background paper that provides recommendations for a workforce redesign to improve STEM education in Vietnam.

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