From our journals: “The Trump effect” and human connection in a crisis


Meghan Krein

Teaching Trump: A frame analysis of educators’ responses to ‘the Trump effect’ in American schools

By: Reid Jewett Smith, Boston College

Published in: Education Policy Analysis Archives, Oct. 5, 2020
The author uses a framed analysis of educators’ responses to the anti-democratic statements and actions of President Donald Trump. Smith reflects on how educators responded to Trump and then answers by identifying three types of frames (motivational, diagnostic and prognostic) that educators used to make sense of the Trump phenomenon. Using democratic education theory and frame analysis, Smith finds that educators were motivated by legality, complicity and morality to address Trump’s anti-democratic statements with students. 

Review of “The Crisis of Connection: Roots, consequences and solutions”

By: Laura C. Atkins, Jacksonville University 

Published in: Education Review, Oct. 14, 2020

Atkins says, “The book considers the question: How can we make connections across differences that will uplift the individual and humanity as whole?” The importance of human connection, says Atkins, is crucial in these uncertain times. “We need to reevaluate the everdeepening systems of inequity and determine how to collectively support mechanisms that connect people across differences.” Although this book was written pre-pandemic, it is still a useful tool in moving forward and assisting humanity, says Atkins. 

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