From our journals: Lessons from an education scholar and discourse in education policy


Meghan Ensell

Through the looking glass: Reflections of a writing scholar 

By: Steve Graham, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, ASU 

Published in: Education Review, Feb. 2021

In his Acquired Wisdom essay, Steve Graham offers “accomplishments, failures and lessons” learned through his long and prestigious career as an education scholar, from his early days as a high school teacher in Valdosta, Georgia, to his current position as Mary Emily Warner Professor in the Division of Leadership and Innovation at ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. “It can be foolish and maybe a tad dangerous to offer an old dog a platform from which to bark. But here we are. I will try my best not to be dangerous. I make no promises about folly and banality,” says Graham. 

Education populism? A corpus-driven analysis of Betsy DeVos’s education policy discourse

By: Michael Ian Cohen, University of Northern Colorado

Published in: Education Policy Analysis Archives, Feb. 15, 2021

This study investigates the policy discourse of Betsy DeVos in order to assess the extent to which it aligns with the neoliberal common sense or draws upon discourses of populism that have been gaining traction in the last few years. Using methods of corpus linguistics, Cohen engages in a critical discourse analysis of 59 of DeVos’s public speeches delivered between 2017–19, in comparison with a reference corpus of speeches delivered by DeVos’s predecessors in the Bush and Obama administrations. 

Update: The Current Issue in Education student editorial team participated in the Virtual Unconference on Open Scholarship Practices in Education Research in February. In their lightning talk, “Open Access is a matter of inclusion: Lessons from a graduate student editorial board,” the team shared how the journal promotes inclusion through global scholarship, open access policies and sustainable operations.

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