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Meghan Krein
Guest edited by: Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela, Universidad de Chile; and José Joaquín Brunner, Universidad Diego Portales

This special issue celebrates research in the higher education field with an interest in non-Western lines of inquiry. The six papers included emerge from Latin-America, Spain, the USA and India, and draw on multiple perspectives and methodologies. The variety of research questions, theories, methods and contexts displayed raise critical questions about global forces attached to neoliberalism and competition for prestige which, in turn, frame current practices in higher education. This special issue constitutes an epistemic space that gives visibility to narratives on higher education that have been previously invisible.

Articles published in this special issue include:

By: Elizabeth Sumida Huaman, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and former MLFTC faculty member; Belinda Chiu, Hummingbird Research Coaching Consulting; Carrie Billy, American Indian Higher Education Consortium
Published in: Education Policy Analysis Archives, Aug. 26, 2019

This article examines the role of Indigenous knowledge in higher education through an exploration of internationalization at U.S. tribal colleges and universities. Drawing from a five-year mixed-methods case study with tribal colleges and universities, the researchers offer indigenous perspectives on place-based higher educational initiatives in relation to local and global concerns, specifically human and ecological sustainability. They propose a critical lens in indigenous internationalization wherein indigenous worldviews are vital responses to dominant notions of internationalization and historical limitations of education for indigenous peoples.

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Also new in MLFTC’s journals:

The Teaching Profession in Crisis: The Decrease of Enrollment in Normal Schools of Mexico (Spanish)

By: Jihan García-Poyato Falcón, Benemérita Escuela Normal Estatal; Graciela Cordero Arroyo, Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo Educativo, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

Published in: Education Policy Analysis Archives, Sept. 2, 2019

This article presents the results of research on the declining enrollment of the bachelor of arts in primary education as a consequence of the decrease in the number of applicants to enter the teaching profession in Mexico. This exploratory study comprised two phases. In the first, a revision of the federal policies regarding the teaching career and entrance to the normal schools. In the second, the statistics of the bachelor of arts in primary education were analyzed.

Review of “Classroom Cultures: Equitable Schooling for Racially Diverse Youth”

By: Tiffini Pruitt-Britton, Southern Methodist University

Published in: Education Review, Aug. 14, 2019

This resource aims to assist secondary educators in creating equitable schooling environments for racially diverse youth. The book provides direct insight into the experiences, challenges and successes of teachers and school leaders who were among more than 500 educators across 29 schools who engaged in professional development to better understand and implement culturally relevant educational practices. The authors identify key aspects of successful strategies and offer recommendations for tackling the many challenges of implementing effective school change. Short vignettes incorporate the perspectives of teachers, counselors, administrators and the authors as they collaborate and reflect on their own practices.

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