From our journals: A focus on race and education funding


Meghan Krein

Philanthropy, hidden strategy and collective resistance: A primer for concerned educators

By: Derek A. Houston, University of Oklahoma 

Published in: Education Review, Sept. 2, 2020

For the good that deMarrais and colleagues do this text is not above critique,” says Houston. The authors examine neoliberalism but focus on income inequality and the effect on the poor. Given the structure of neoliberal ideology in the U.S., Houston asks: Is neoliberalism inherently antiBlack? Although the authors had numerous opportunities to address critically the systematic impact of neoliberalism on all marginalized communities, they overlooked this important issue. 

School funding disparities in the plight of Latinx students 

By: Bruce D. Baker, Rutgers University; Ajay Srikanth, Rutgers University; Preston C. Green III, University of Connecticut and Robert Cotto, University of Connecticut

Published in: Education Policy Analysis Archives, Sept. 14, 2020

The researchers used a national district-level panel of data from the School Finance Indicators Database to evaluate recent disparities in school revenue and spending by race in addition to poverty, across and within all states and within selected states. They used data from the National Education Cost Model to evaluate the disparities in spending against estimates of “costs” of achieving national average student outcomes to determine racial differences in gaps between current spending and costs of equitable outcomes. 

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