MLFTC is deeply engaged with communities throughout Arizona and beyond

Aligned with ASU’s commitment to assume fundamental responsibility for the overall health of the communities we serve, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is deeply engaged with communities throughout Arizona and beyond.

Our social embeddedness is reflected in the fact that MLFTC students contribute to more than 550 schools in the state. It’s also reflected in the way we pursue deep, long-term partnerships with districts, schools and community organizations.

Wherever our faculty, staff and students work, we know this: Educators don’t need more people coming into their communities and saying, “You’re doing it wrong.” They need deeply collaborative, long-term partnerships committed to co-creating solutions to tough challenges.

For a sense of the geographic range and the collaborative character of our work, please explore the MLFTC Engagement map.

Think of it as a representative, not comprehensive, look at how we carry out the charge to be an anchor institution in Arizona and a force for capacity building and innovation in education across the country and around the world.

MLFTC Engagement Map

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