Fall 2020 graduate student poster contest features research of MLFTC students


Meghan Krein

The research of 10 graduate education students from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College was featured in ASU’s virtual Institute for Social Science Research. Read about their interesting research below. 

Sae Saem Sofia Yoon 

What’s in a Name? A Narrative Study of International Students’ English Names

In the United States academic community, it’s common for international students to use both their assigned English name as well as their given ethnic name. What does it mean to identify with two first names? Yoon seeks to understand why international students adopt English names and how they construct their identities.

Cory Buckband 

Multilingual Mission Education in Spanish Colonial California  

Buckband’s research focuses on the historical causes and modern-day implications of a shift to implement multilingual education practices within 18th- and 19th-century Spanish Californian missions. 

Lennon Audrain

High Schoolers’ Motivations to Enter and Beliefs about the Teaching Profession 

Audrain explores why high school students want to enter the teaching profession and what they believe about the profession. 

Amanda Riske 

Professional Development Audit for Statistics Education

What type of statistical professional development is available to K–12 mathematics teachers at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference since the Common Core Standard for Mathematics incorporated statistics throughout K–12 education in 2010? Riske’s research seeks to answer this question. 

Annette Schmidt 

Assessing Drama-Based Instruction During Preschool Storytime: A New Measure

The instructional strategies teachers use during storytime can help capture students’ attention and improve language and literacy skills. Schmidt developed and tested a coding system to measure frequency and quality of teachers’ storytime reading strategies. 

Serena Christianson

Online Life Sciences Career Course

Christianson’s research centers around developing career development programming for the School of Life Sciences. 

Jodie Donner

Digitally Connecting Part-Time Faculty

Donner’s research aims to provide a model for an online professional learning framework to assist part-time faculty members with delivering consistent digital instruction as they teach their students how and when to effectively integrate technology.  

Luis Perez Cortez 

Literacies at Play: Digital-Age Literacies in Scholastic E-sports

Cortez’s research focuses on how e=sports affect skills relevant to students' digital-age literacies. 

Yuchan Gao

Ideal or Fantasy? Autonomy and Willingness to Take Risks in Avatar Design Games

Gao’s research asks the questions: How does the avatar-design stage of a game promote learner autonomy and encourage learners’ willingness to take risks? And, what implications can avatar-designers have for second language classroom instruction? 

Shagun Singha

Playful Improvisation

Singha researches how improvisation can play an effective role in teaching.