MLFTC faculty publication roundup, February


Erik Ketcherside

Katie Bernstein: article (author) — “The Perks of Being Peripheral: English Learning and Participation in a Preschool Classroom Network of Practice” (TESOL Quarterly)

Karen Harris, Steve Graham: chapter, article (co-authors) — “POW+TREE+TWA for Writing Persuasively from Source Text: Lesson Plans, Materials and Tips” (Studies in Writing Series, vol. 34; Leiden: Brill); “Self-Regulated Strategy Development: Theoretical Bases, Critical Instructional Elements and Future Research” (Policy Insights from the Brain Sciences) 

Bryan Henderson: chapter (author) — “Chapter 7: Interactive–Constructive–Active–Passive” (“Ideas with No History of Application in the Field of Education and Technology: A Crowd-Authored Book”)

Jeongeun Kim: article (co-author) — “The making of homophilic networks in international research collaborations: A global perspective from Chilean and Korean engineering” (Research Policy)

Barbara Kinach: chapter (author) — “Progressive Visualization Tasks and Semiotic Chaining for Mathematics Teacher Preparation: Towards a Conceptual Framework” ("Signs of Signification," Springer International Publishing)

Mirka Koro-Ljungberg: articles (author, co-author) — “Critical Qualitative Methodologies: Reconceptualizations and Emergent Construction”; “Critical Qualitative Inquiry: Histories, Methodologies, and Possibilities”; “(Re)mixing Foucault and Deleuze: Power Games in Critical Qualitative Research” (International Review of Qualitative Research)

Pamela Kulinna: article (co-author) — “Self-efficacy, soccer skills and the influence on students’ learning experience” (Biomedical Human Kinetics)

Punya Mishra, Danah Henriksen: book (co-authors) — “Creativity, Technology and Education: Exploring their Convergence” (Springer International Publishing)

Wendy Oakes: article (co-author) — “Empowering teachers with low-intensity strategies to support instruction: Self-monitoring in an elementary resource classroom” (Preventing School Failure)

Carrie Sampson: article (co-author) — “Reorganizing a countywide school district: A critical analysis of politics and policy development toward decentralization” (Education Policy Analysis Archives)

Iveta Silova: chapter (co-author) — “Hair Bows and Uniforms: Entangled Politics in Children’s Everyday Lives” (“Childhood and Schooling in [Post]Socialist Societies”; Palgrave MacMillan)

Hans van der Mars: article (co-author) — “Aligning Digital Video Technology with Game Pedagogy in Physical Education” (Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance)