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Veterans in education

A new mission

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College values the exceptional contributions of our veterans and welcomes current and former members of the military and their dependents as students preparing for careers in the education field. ASU offers many benefits and opportunities for veterans and is recognized as a military-friendly school.

Whether you are a freshman, transfer or graduate student, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College stands ready to support your mission of earning a degree. We have many alumni veterans who have successfully transitioned from military service to serving students in a classroom.

Veteran standing in the front of a class with children sitting on the floor
First a Marine, now teaching fifth grade — alumnus Ray Urquieta (BAE, '13) was featured in Raising Arizona Kids about his dramatic change in jobs.

"Veterans share camaraderie,” says Associate Professor David Garcia, a veteran of the U.S. Army Infantry. “They share a sense of pride having served and sharing a similar experience. One thing I think most of us experience is, once you tell people you are a veteran, that sense of appreciation from them. Most people recognize that it is service. It's service to your country. It's service to yourself, and it's something that takes an extraordinary person to do."

Academic credit for military service

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College may accept up to 12 military course credits toward the BAE in Educational Studies degree program. Contact our enrollment team for more information: or 480-965-9995.

Success tips for student veterans

  • Know your benefits. ASU has many resources for student veterans, including:
    • Pat Tillman Veterans Center — locations on four campuses and online
    • Advising on education benefits
    • A veteran-specific introductory course
    • ASU Student Veterans Club
    • Veterans Chapter of the ASU Alumni Association
    • Counseling services
    • Scholarship opportunities
    • In-state residency for tuition purposes to honorably discharged veterans
  • Create a game plan and schedule time for attending classes, studying and down time.
  • Develop relationships with your advisor, support staff and peers, and find a mentor.
  • Get connected. Participate in activities you enjoy, join a student organization and attend student events.
  • Stay active. You have access to multiple Sun Devil fitness centers and intramural sports so you can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise.
  • Stay optimistic. Remember your experiences and stay confident that you will adapt.
  • We are here to help. Contact the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Office of Student Services on your campus for support.

Opportunities for veterans becoming teachers