Next Education Workforce featured in the Arizona Republic

Teacher shortage
August 15, 2022
Meghan Ensell

In an opinion piece featured in the Arizona Republic, Dean Carole Basile and Mesa Public Schools Superintendent Andi Fourlis commented on the recently-signed Senate Bill 1159, which changes the standards for teacher preparation in the state. According to the governor’s office, the bill is designed to give public schools greater options in recruiting teachers, principals and other educational leaders. Some accept that explanation. Others worry that the bill will lower the standards for teachers. 

“As the superintendent of Arizona’s largest school district and as the dean of Arizona’s largest college of education, we know the scope and impact of the teacher shortage that SB 1159 seeks to address. We are all-in on developing more pathways for people to become teachers — as long as we remain committed to helping them succeed in meeting the needs of Arizona learners,” Basile and Fourlis write.

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