Faculty publication roundup, August 2022


Ying-Chih Chen, associate professor (co-author)


Oluseyi (Matthew) Odebiyi, assistant professor (co-editor)


Ann Nielsen,  director of the Office of Global Engagement, (co-author)

Dilraba Anayatova, research assistant (co-author)

Marina Basu, doctoral student (co-author)

Saiarchana Darira, (co-author)

Devynn Glanz, (co-author) 

Atota Halkiyo, graduate research assistant (co-author)

Setrag Hovsepian, graduate research assistant (co-author) 

Adriene Jenik, professor, (co-author)

Jieyu Jiang, graduate research assistant (co-author)

Prince Kwarse, research assistant (co-author)

Lara Law, graduate service assistant (co-author)

Julia O'Neill, graduate teaching assistant (co-author)

Garine Palandjian, graduate assistant, (co-author)

Esther Pretti, doctoral graduate (co-author)

 Belen Sanchez, teaching associate (co-author)

 Iveta Silova, associate dean and professor (co-author)

Keti Tsotniashvili, graduate research assistant (co-author)


Hans van der Mars, professor (co-author)


Hans van der Mars, professor (co-author)

Pamela Kulinna, professor (co-author)


Hans van der Mars, professor (co-author)

Janelle Griffo, faculty associate (co-author)

Pamela Kulinna, professor (co-author) 

Hyeonho Yu, faculty associate (co-author)

Shannon Mulhearn, faculty associate (co-author)