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MLFTC facts and figures

 Arizona State University began as an institution for training teachers, making MLFTC the first college established as part of ASU. Today, our college is internationally ranked for the quality of its teacher preparation programs, and renowned for the depth and breadth of its education research and the knowledge it creates.   



Best Graduate
Education Programs

U.S. News & World Report, 2023


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Master's Education Programs

U.S. News & World Report, 2023

Research and faculty

MLFTC faculty members create knowledge by drawing from a wide range of academic disciplines to gain insight into important questions about the process of learning, the practice of teaching and the effects of education policy.


Research expenditures
2018—19 fiscal year

107 Full-time faculty

55 Tenured faculty

25 Tenure-track faculty

Student success and enrollment

MLFTC mobilizes people through bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs, through non-degree professional development programs and through socially embedded, multilateral community engagement.

Student success

Bachelor’s degrees conferred 604
—Bachelor’s degrees with certification conferred 493
Master’s degrees conferred 1,475
—Master’s degrees with certification conferred 168
Doctoral degrees conferred 59
—PhD degrees conferred 11
—EdD degrees conferred 48
Total degrees and certificates conferred 2,297
Total graduates 2,285
First-year student retention rate* 90.2%
2018—2019 academic year
*full-time first-year students into their sophomore year


Total enrollment 6,719
Total enrollment in teacher preparation programs 2,714
—Undergraduates 2,134
Bachelor’s degree enrollment, site-based (Arizona Western College, Eastern Arizona College) 86
—Master's degree students 580
Total bachelor’s degree enrollment 2,830
Total master’s degree enrollment 3,075
Total doctoral degree enrollment 245
Total online enrollment 3,792
Fall 2019


MLFTC takes action by bringing people and ideas together to increase the capabilities of individual educators and the performance of education systems.

Schools with MLFTC student internships and residencies


MLFTC students engaged in internships and residencies


Spring 2020

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