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Curriculum and Instruction (Gifted Education), MEd

Advance your education career by supporting academically gifted children as they explore their full potential. This online program prepares you to tailor instruction and pedagogy to individual learning needs.


Program description

The MEd program in curriculum and instruction with a concentration in gifted education prepares teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, early interventionists and family members to work effectively with gifted children. Students gain the theory and pedagogy needed to identify and serve this population of learners.

Graduates understand how to identify learning potential and address specific needs of gifted and talented students. They have an understanding of gifted students' affective and academic needs and know how to design and provide appropriately challenging, differentiated curriculum and instruction.

Graduates know how to develop a continuum of gifted programs and services; work with school administrators, teachers, school boards and parents; and advocate for gifted students at local and national levels.

The program is designed for public and private teachers in regular classrooms, honors classrooms and gifted programs, and for school administrators and gifted program coordinators.

The program also provides the twelve credit hours of coursework in gifted education required for the Gifted Education (K–12) endorsement from the Arizona Department of Education. Students should refer to the Arizona Department of Education website for additional requirements.

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