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Instructional Design and Performance Improvement (Graduate Certificate)

Propel your career as a professional in a learning design or training and development setting. Examine learning theories and learn how to apply instructional design principles to a variety of industries.


Program description

The graduate certificate program in instructional design and performance improvement prepares students to advance technology-based learning initiatives. Students study the creation of instructional plans and materials, and combine theories in education, psychology and communication to create effective teaching solutions for adult learners.

Coursework in effective communication and leadership supports each student’s professional growth, and integrating this coursework into applied projects prepares them for careers focused on optimizing learning. Students will learn how to identify gaps in the performance of individuals, teams or organizations, as well as how to develop methods to close those gaps and improve performance and efficiency. Graduates are well-positioned to design online courses, coach instructors, and develop new computer-based learning methods. 

The information covered in this program does not prepare graduates to teach in a K–12 classroom, though educators with a secondary role in their district — such as creating or conducting professional development experiences, or as a technology coordinator or trainer — can benefit from this certificate. Students can pursue this graduate certificate while enrolled in other graduate programs at ASU.

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