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The best teacher-preparation program in Arizona is now more accessible and affordable for students anywhere in the state

If you live in Arizona and outside of Maricopa County, you can take remote classes via ASU Sync and earn a Secondary Education bachelor’s degree leading to teacher certification.


Take classes remotely via ASU Sync. ASU Sync enables you to attend classes from anywhere that works for you. Regularly scheduled classes take place remotely through Zoom. Classes are designed to foster active collaboration and discussion in real-time with top-tier faculty members and your peers throughout Arizona.


You may be eligible for funding such as the Arizona Teachers Academy at ASU, a scholarship that covers tuition for students who make a commitment to teach in Arizona after graduation. Learn more

 What is the Bachelor of Arts in Education degree in Secondary Education? 

The BAE in Secondary Education is for transfer students who live in Arizona and outside of Maricopa County, and want to become licensed to teach grades 6–12. Students will develop the skills and abilities required to teach learners in middle school or high school. This program provides professional experience before graduation, as students work with an experienced teacher in a school in their local community. Students must complete an associate degree from a community college, or transfer in previously earned college credits, before they start this program. 

ASU offers several degree programs in Secondary Education, including programs with in-person classes at an ASU campus. Explore more options here.


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Program locations

Classes will be conducted remotely, but you will need to apply for admission to the ASU partner location that is closest to where you live:

  • ASU@Northeastern Arizona
  • ASU@Pima
  • ASU@TheGilaValley
  • ASU@Yavapai
  • ASU@Yuma

Applying to an ASU partner location will not affect where you conduct your internships and residencies.


Graduates earn an institutional recommendation from ASU that is recognized by the Arizona Department of Education for teacher certification in Secondary Education, 6–12.

To be eligible for secondary certification in Arizona, students must:
- Pass the appropriate Arizona educator subject knowledge exam, as well as the professional knowledge exam offered through the National Evaluation Series or Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments.
- Have a conferred bachelor's or master’s degree with the content area listed in the degree title, and receive a passing score on the professional knowledge exam offered through the National Evaluation Series or Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments.

This program may also lead to licensure in other states. Learn more about professional licensure.


Qualified educators are in high demand. Your future careers could include:

  • Middle school teacher
  • High school teacher
  • Educator in nonschool settings, like nonprofits or science centers

Professional experiences

Our Office of Professional Experiences will work with you to identify a placement at a school in your local area where a certified teacher will mentor you. You’ll have the support of ASU faculty, academic advisors and success coaches throughout your coursework and your internships and residencies.

Are you already working in a school as a paraprofessional? We work with schools to create accessible pathways that may allow you to keep your job while earning a degree.

Paying for college

To get an idea of what you can expect to pay, view ASU’s standard cost of attendance.

There are many ways to reduce your costs, including scholarships and grants just for education students.  Explore your options

Admission requirements

Students are required to meet all applicable ASU admission requirements for transfer students or international students

As a transfer student, you can ensure a positive experience by signing up for an ASU transfer pathway program. Find your path to ASU

Professional licensure

ASU offers programs that lead to professional licensure with the state of Arizona and may allow graduates to be eligible for licensure in other states. Please check the professional licensure list for Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College to determine if this program meets requirements in your state. Note that not all programs within Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College lead to professional licensure. Contact our enrollment team for more information:

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