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No matter where you’re located, you can earn your master’s degree in Secondary Education from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. And you can choose from traditional or alternative certification routes for added flexibility.


All courses are delivered remotely to meet the needs of working professionals. Choose from two delivery formats:

ASU Sync offers regularly scheduled classes via synchronous learning over Zoom. Instructors and students are not in the same physical space but do meet at the same time, offering a live learning experience with peers.

ASU Online offers classes via asynchronous instruction. Instructors and students are not in the same physical space and do not meet at the same time, allowing students to complete coursework on their own schedules.

What is the Master of Education degree in Secondary Education?

The MEd in Secondary Education prepares you to start a career teaching grades 6–12. It is designed for individuals who do not need to obtain teacher certification. The curriculum builds strong connections between educational design and decision-making, professional growth and leadership, and scholarly, integrative knowledge. Our faculty will actively engage you in the research process to examine problems of practice and engage in iterative cycles of inquiry, culminating in your own applied research project.

Time to completion

Total credit hours: 32

Time to completion: This program is offered in three continuous semesters, allowing you to complete the program in one year. You can also enroll part-time over additional semesters.

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Locations & start dates

ASU Sync*: Fall

ASU Online: Spring, Summer, Fall

*Students completing their program through ASU Sync must still apply and be admitted to the ASU Tempe campus.


Program graduates will earn a Master of Education degree in Secondary Education.

Note: This program does not lead to teacher certification. If you are interested in programs leading to certification, please explore:


This degree program prepares you for roles such as:

  • Non-certified educator in charter or private schools
  • Educator in non-school settings

This program may also be suitable for certified teachers who do not have an undergraduate or graduate degree in education.

Professional experiences

This program includes collaborative group work and a research project to develop your professional skills as an educator. You will need access to learners in grades 6–12 to successfully complete assignments.

Educator Scholar Community courses

This series of courses runs throughout the program and provides a learning environment in which you will develop and practice professional skills that connect to your role as an educator. You will collaborate with other graduate students studying elementary education, secondary education and special education to energize your teaching with new skills and abilities in your areas of interest, strength or need. Each course will allow you to earn digital badges you can use to showcase your skills to your professional network.

Applied project

The degree culminates with an applied action research project that you will develop with the guidance of faculty. As part of this, you will identify a problem in education, critically evaluate research, apply concepts to professional experiences, and reflect on your practice to modify and improve instruction.

Cost & aid

To get an idea of what you can expect to pay, view ASU’s standard cost of attendance

There are many ways to reduce your costs, including scholarships and grants just for education students. Explore your options.

Admission requirements

You must fulfill the requirements of both ASU’s Graduate College and Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

You must also have earned a bachelor's degree in any field from a regionally accredited institution. Minimum GPA: 3.0 (in the last 60 hours of your first bachelor's program). If you don't meet the GPA requirement, you may be eligible for provisional admittance or a non-degree pathway.

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Professional licensure

ASU offers programs that lead to professional licensure with the state of Arizona and may allow graduates to be eligible for licensure in other states. Please check the professional licensure list for Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College to determine if this program meets requirements in your state. Note that not all programs within Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College lead to professional licensure. Contact our enrollment team for more information:

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