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The Master of Education in Educational Leadership is a standards-based leadership program that prepares you to become an administrator or teacher leader in a K–12 setting, committed to providing excellent and equitable educational opportunities for all students. Learn to facilitate school-level, systemic change; create and sustain a culture of innovation and collaboration; successfully lead curriculum development; interpret and use data to support student success; and provide effective feedback, support and evaluation for teachers as you build a community network of support for your students and school.

Choose between two formats:

ASU Sync — An accelerated, 14-month program in which students attend all classes via Zoom at scheduled times, offering a live learning experience with your peers. While all classes are taught remotely, students must apply and be admitted to the ASU West or ASU Polytechnic campuses.

ASU Online — A two-year program for students admitted to the online location. In this format, coursework is delivered asynchronously and can be accessed on your own schedule.

In both formats, courses are delivered remotely to meet the needs of working educators wherever they are located. Classes are taught by the same renowned faculty members using the same curriculum. Both options will prepare you to meet Arizona requirements for principal certification.

Time to completion

 Time to completion:

ASU Sync: 4 semesters
ASU Online: 6–7 semesters

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Locations & start dates

ASU Sync*: Summer
ASU Online: Fall, Spring or Summer

*Students completing their program through ASU Sync must still apply and be admitted through an ASU campus. Select ASU Sync — Polytechnic or ASU Sync — West when requesting information.

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This degree qualifies you for an Arizona certification in:

Pre-K–12 principal certification

You may be required to pass exams required by the state. Learn more from the Arizona Department of Education.

This program may also lead to licensure in other states. Learn more


This degree prepares you for a career as a:

  • Principal
  • Assistant principal
  • School administrator

Professional experiences

You need to be employed in a school-based position or have access to an approved school placement that will serve as your laboratory of practice.

During the school year, you'll complete a two-semester, school-based internship with a certified principal who serves as a mentor for all field experiences. As part of your internship, you will plan, research, implement and evaluate an action research project to solve a problem of practice in your internship placement school.

"One of the challenges in teaching is to find opportunities outside of the classroom. A lot of times it's doing due diligence, connecting with people along the way and building those relationships that allows you to find those positions." — Cliff Vellucci (MEd '16)

Watch the video to hear from more alumni of our MEd Educational Leadership program.

Cost & aid

To get an idea of what you can expect to pay, view ASU’s standard cost of attendance.

There are many ways to reduce your costs, including scholarships and grants just for education students.  Explore your options

Admission requirements

You must fulfill the requirements of both the Graduate College and Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

You must also have earned a bachelor's or master's degree from a regionally accredited institution and have at least two years of pre-K through grade 12 teaching experience as a teacher of record. Minimum GPA: 3.0 (in the last 60 hours of your first bachelor's program) or 3.0 in an applicable master's program. If you don't meet the GPA requirement, you may be eligible for provisional admittance or a non-degree pathway.

View complete admission requirements

Professional licensure

ASU offers programs that lead to professional licensure with the state of Arizona and may allow graduates to be eligible for licensure in other states. Please check the professional licensure list for Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College to determine if this program meets requirements in your state. Note that not all programs within Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College lead to professional licensure. Contact our enrollment team for more information:

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ASU Sync:A 14-month program in which students attend all classes remotely via Zoom at scheduled times. Select the ASU campus that is closest to your residence.
ASU Online: A two-year program in which coursework is delivered asynchronously.

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