State requirements: certification and fingerprinting

Arizona teacher certification

You need to provide the following

  • An Institutional Recommendation (IR)
  • Arizona Department of Public Safety IVP fingerprint clearance card (bring your card)
  • Passing scores on the applicable Arizona Educator Exams (NES or AEPA tests) — the Department of Education should have scores on file, but bring a copy
  • Payment (check or money order payable to ADE) of $30 for each certificate documented on the IR
  • Additional endorsements: English as a Second Language Endorsement ($30 if documented on your IR) or Bilingual Endorsement ($60): 
    • To apply for an ESL endorsement you need proof of completion the foreign language requirement. Check with your MLFTC advisor about the ways you can provide that proof.
    • To apply for the BLE Endorsement, you need proof of passing scores for the Arizona Classroom Spanish Teacher Exam or a letter from your tribe for a Native American language. Provide your MLFTC advisor with your proof.

By mail — receive certification(s) in approximately seven days

Arizona Department of Education
Teacher Certification Unit
PO Box 6490
Phoenix, AZ 85007-6490

In person (same day service)

Arizona Department of Education
1535 W Jefferson St
Room 120
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 542-4367

Visit the Arizona Department of Education website for more information.

Arizona Educator Exams (NES or AEPA tests)

Applicable Arizona Educator Exams (NES or AEPA tests) are required for state certification. Refer to Arizona Department of Education - Educator Certification for more detailed information or consult with your Teachers College advisor.

Refer to the Arizona Educator Exam website for test information.

Fingerprint clearance card

State law requires all education students must have an Arizona Department of Public Safety fingerprint card before beginning their Professional Pathways placements. The Arizona Department of Education requires an Arizona Department of Public Safety IVP fingerprint card when applying for Teacher Certification.

MLFTC program requirements: 

  • Undergraduate programs will accept a non-IVP fingerprint clearance card to begin MLFTC Professional Pathways placements, but having an IVP card increases student teaching placement opportunities. 
  • MAC and InMAC graduate programs require an IVP fingerprint clearance card on file with the MLFTC Advising Office prior to enrolling in the first semester courses and starting the program. 

The MLFTC Advising Office sponsors on-site fingerprinting at the beginning of each semester. Contact the Advising Office at 480-965-5555 for the latest information. Or locate the nearest Community Wellness and Safety of Arizona for fingerprinting and application services. When you receive your clearance card, make a copy of the card and bring the copy to the MLFTC academic advising office on your campus.