Sanford Inspire Program


At the Sanford Inspire Program, we believe each child deserves an excellent teacher. We create high-quality, research-based resources designed to build teachers’ knowledge and skills so they can inspire their students toward powerful academic and social outcomes. All content is available free of charge on the Professional Learning Library. Sanford Inspire Program resources include:    

  • Curriculum: A collection of multimedia learning modules through which pre-service and in-service teachers learn the skills necessary to have a lasting impact on all students
  • Recruitment: Tools and strategies used to attract future teachers committed to the mission of inspiring children
  • Clinical Experience: Best practices for maximizing novice teachers’ learning of foundational skills throughout field experiences 

Sanford Inspire Program resources are designed to attract, prepare, and support inspirational teachers who not only make children happier, but also help them achieve more. We are partnering with K-12 schools and teacher preparation organizations to realize our vision of an inspirational teacher in every classroom.

The work of the Sanford Inspire Program is made possible through generous funding from the Denny Sanford Foundation. Entrepreneur and philanthropist T. Denny Sanford has given more than $24 million dollars to the Sanford Inspire Program at Arizona State University. Mr. Sanford’s investment supports the creation of innovative resources that will lead to improved outcomes for children.

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