Ruhi Khan

Project Director
University Staff
TEMPE Campus


Ruhi Khan is the Project Director of the Building Leadership for Change through School Immersion  Project at Arizona State University.  In this role, she supports Scholars from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to develop their teacher leadership skills in collaboration with the University and local school districts in Arizona.  Ruhi is a 16-year veteran classroom teacher and took on many teacher leadership roles. During two years of her elementary education experience, she was a Master teacher who conducted teacher evaluations and lead professional development trainings. In 2010, Ruhi was recognized as the Deer Valley Unified School District’s Teacher of the Year  followed by an opportunity to represent the United States as a Delegate for the Chinese Bridge Program in 2011. She visited schools in China with 450 American Educational Leaders to exchange best practices with fellow Chinese educators. In 2014, Ruhi joined the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. In her role as a Clinical Assistant Professor and Site Coordinator, she worked with Teacher Candidates in the dual certification elementary/special education program to support effective instructional practices and professionalism. This entailed working with Teacher Candidates by providing feedback during coaching, observations, and evaluations to identify areas of reinforcement and refinement in order to enhance instructional practices. Her research interests include program sustainability, international professional development and collaborative educational practices.  In December 2015, Ruhi completed her Doctorate of Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Instruction at Grand Canyon University.


  • Doctoral degree. Organizational Leadership (Instruction), Grand Canyon University 2015
  • Master's degree. Education (Curriculum and Instruction), Illinois Benedictine Unviersity 2002
  • Bachelor's degree. Education (Elementary Education and Sociology), York University, Canada 1996

Research Interests

Guiding Research Questions:

  • How can we best support new teachers in order to ensure teacher retention and longevity?
  • How does high quality, research based professional development impact teacher performance and student achievement?
  • What training opportunities do pre-service and in-service teachers require in order to increase retention rates?

Current Research Projects:

Khan is currently working with the Sanford Inspire Program to review researched based express on-demand modules to ensure that the content of the modules support Sanford Inspire Programs mission of affording an inspirational teacher to every child.

As an educator in teacher preparation, Khan and colleagues are interested in working on a grant that supports Mentor/Induction for New Teachers.  They are currently working with the Coordinator of Scholarly Initiatives to determine how to move forward in this project.

As a site coordinator for the Deer Valley School District, Khan is currently collaborating with district leadership in human resources and the student  services department to develop a plan on how to retain teachers who have graduated from the iTeachAZ program and provide transition support for those graduating from the Deer Valley Cohort.


DeBiase, J., Butler, W., Khan, R., Dyer, P., & Linder, A., (2016). Clinically Rich Teacher Education Program and the Positive Impact on Teacher Retention at Arizona State University Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. Manuscript submitted for publication.


Fall 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
RDG 413Lang Literacy 2 in Elem Schls
EED 478Student Teaching: EED 1-8
Spring 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
SPE 317Spec Educ for Cultura/Linguist
EED 324Social Studies in Elem Schools
SPE 478Student Teaching: SPE K-8
Fall 2016
Course NumberCourse Title
EED 478Student Teach in the Elem Schl
SED 496Clinical Experience III
SED 567Clinical Experience I
Spring 2016
Course NumberCourse Title
EED 324Social Studies in Elem Schools
RDG 413Lang Literacy 2 in Elem Schls
SPE 478Student Teaching in Special Ed
Fall 2015
Course NumberCourse Title
ECD 418Inst. Methods for Young Child
EED 478Student Teach in the Elem Schl
Spring 2015
Course NumberCourse Title
SED 396Clinical Experience I
EED 397Clinical Experience II
RDG 413Lang Literacy 2 in Elem Schls
SPE 478Student Teaching in Special Ed