Paying for your degree

ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is committed to providing you with an excellent education that provides great value. There are several ways to pay for your degree, and we can help you along the way as you submit applications and decide which path is best for you. Students who want to attend Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College must first apply to ASU and then apply for financial aid.

Take the first steps

1. Apply to ASU as your first step

Before you can qualify for scholarships from ASU, you must first submit your application to one of our degree programs:

2. After applying to ASU, you can apply for financial aid by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Submitting your FAFSA each year is a required step toward establishing your financial need. All loans, and most Teachers College scholarships, are based on financial need. Completion of the FAFSA establishes need.

  • Freshmen should submit by March 1
  • Upperclassmen should submit by March 31
  • Graduate students should submit by May 1

All applicants to ASU are considered for some forms of financial aid. Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College offers additional scholarships to students who meet specific criteria. Please read through all of the options below so you know what is available and if you qualify.

There are three basic forms of financial assistance

1. Aid you do not pay back (scholarships, grants and fellowships)

Unlike loans, scholarships and fellowships do not require repayment. Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College offers a variety of scholarships and fellowships based on merit, financial need, application essays and other specific academic criteria. Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College scholarships are funded through the generosity of private donors and the number of scholarships is limited. Students can submit one online application to be considered for these scholarships/fellowships awarded through the college.

Please note: Select Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College scholarships that have additional requirements. View the list here.

Additional scholarships, fellowships and grants are also available and require separate submissions for funding:

  • Arizona State University offers a number of scholarships in addition to the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College scholarships noted above . Visit the ASU Scholarship Search page to find other scholarships with more specific criteria, and varying deadlines and application requirements.
  • The federal Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) grant. It provides up to $4,000 per year while students are completing their degree if they agree to teach teach in a high-need subject area in a school or agency serving students from low-income families after graduation. If, for any reason, the stipulations of the grant are not met, students must repay the grant as if it was an unsubsidized loan.
  •, is a scholarship program for high school students. The website links students with partners participating with colleges and universities, including Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, to offer micro-scholarships that high school students earn for college. Learn more about

2. Aid you must pay back (Loans)

Loans must be repaid and there are several options available to students and parents. Federal loans and private loans require applications and an understanding of interest rates, loan fees and repayment plans. Learn more.

3. Employment opportunities

Student employment through ASU is a positive and productive addition to the college careers of many students. There are need-based work-study jobs, Student Engagement and Employment Development (SEED) jobs, as well as hourly student jobs throughout the university. Learn more.