Increasing research impact, access through knowledge mobilization strategies

Friday, June 20, 2014

In a June 17, 2014, commentary in Columbia University’s, “Teachers College Record,” Arizona State University’s Gustavo Fischman and Adai Tefera explore the opportunities and challenges in making educational research more accessible through knowledge mobilization strategies.

In the piece, the authors, both from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, state that educational research is often perceived to be “disconnected from everyday reality,” in part due to a traditional top-down, unidirectional approach to research dissemination.

Through knowledge mobilization, Fischman, a professor, and Tefera, a research specialist principal, indicate researchers can address this issue, seeking “to understand and increase the impact and usability of research by means of multi-dimensional, interactive strategies that target a wide range of stakeholders.”

The authors note that a popular method for scholars to publish in the contemporary research environment is via open access journals and social media outlets, the latter of which also allows for two-way communication between the researcher and the public.

Research quality, then, is assessed through altmetrics, as opposed to more limiting traditional metrics. According to the commentary, altmetrics “includes assessing references in bibliographic databases, abstract and article views, downloads, or mentions in social media and news media.”

While Fischman and Tefera acknowledge the complexity of transitioning to this more contemporary and accessible approach to research dissemination, they also “believe that research rigor will improve when research knowledge is ultimately produced with and informed by multiple dialogs with relevant publics and ultimately for the public good.”

Article source:
Teachers College Record


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