Meet the Team

  • Punya Mishra

    Associate Dean of Scholarship and Innovation; Professor |

    I am Associate Dean of Scholarship & Innovation here at the Teachers College at Arizona State University. I am interested in life, the universe, and everything and most of all in shoehorning Douglas Adams’ book titles into my bio. I am originally from India, and reached Arizona via Michigan. I create ambigrams for fun and enjoy listening to 50’s, 60’s Bollywood music.

  • Elizabeth Mirabal

    Administrative Specialist

    My typical day is filled with helping Punya Mishra get to his meetings on time and with everything that he needs, as well as making sure the OofSI keeps humming along.  I’m originally from Gallup, NM, also known as the Land of Enchantment.  My dogs, or as I call them, my fur-babies are my joy. Oh and my husband of many years is my joy, too. I enjoy learning anything about Excel and I have fun teaching those skills to others - nerd alert, I know! I also love watching movies and relish any conversation in relation to the silver screen.

  • Clarin Collins

    Director, Scholarly Initiatives and Research Administrator (FSC)

    In my role as Director of Scholarly Initiatives, I work with others in OofSI to provide resources, tools, and supports for faculty research by planning trainings, looking for opportunities for faculty research collaboration, and coordinating the college’s internal grants program. Originally from Wisconsin, I love green trees and the Green Bay Packers. My taste in music is as impartial as my taste for wine, though my go-to musicians include Jack White, Florence + The Machine, and Van Morrison.

  • Cristy Filoon

    Cristy Filloon

    Director, Principled Innovation

    In my role as Lead Strategist and Program Manager, I work with our PI and OofSI teams to strategically operationalize our college’s core value of Principled Innovation. Collectively, we provide resources and learning experiences to help support the understanding and infusion of Principled Innovation in MLFTC systems, structures, curriculum, and pedagogy, as well as share our work with a broader audience at ASU and beyond. I’m a Michigander who migrated to Phoenix 12 years ago, and who dreams of one day settling in the Pacific Northwest. I’m a true introvert who values authentic relationships, loves deep conversations, and recharges with hikes in the forest, journaling, and quiet meditation. I express my creativity by imagining new purpose and possibilities for things that are shabby and ready for a new life. My playlists are all over the place, featuring artists across genres and decades, but once a song starts, I must play it through to the end or I’ll feel unsettled the rest of the day! 

  • Stephanie McBride-Schreiner

    Scholarly Communications Publication Manager

    As Publications Manager, I wear many hats: editor, marketer, proofreader, publisher, to name a few. The best thing about my job is helping others to produce quality open access scholarship. Originally from Buffalo, NY, I’ve come to love living in Arizona and prefer dust storms over snowstorms. I have a penchant for dogs (I have two lab-mix rescues), time with friends and family, all things historical, and wine tastings.

  • Jennifer Stein

    Jennifer Stein

    Director of Strategy, Learning Futures

    I collaborate with colleagues across the OofSI and Principled Innovation teams to manage our work on learning futures. I have lived in many different places, including Tokyo, North Carolina, New York City and the Bay Area, but consider Boston my hometown. I spend a great deal of time wrangling two little girls and can sing most of the songs from “Frozen” by heart. I also enjoy jazz standards, show tunes, classic rock and more.

  • Claire Gilbert

    MultiMedia Specialist

    As the Multimedia Specialist for the Design Initiative at OofSI, I get to document all of the cool projects going on in our office. I’m from upstate NY, but lived in Europe for most of my life, and I love to travel. I’m also  into anything related to history or superheroes, and I love paper stores and competitive Scrabble games. My music taste is eclectic, with everything from Opera and show tunes to folk music, but my favorite artist is probably Jon Bryant.

  • Benjamin Scragg

    Director, Design Initiatives

    I'm the Lead Design Strategist in the Office of Scholarship & Innovation, where I partner with schools to engage in open-ended design thinking and methodology to generate solutions to the unique challenges and opportunities schools face in 21st century American life. While originally from the beautiful prairie of Belpre, Ohio, I’ve made my way west via Chicago and then Columbus and The Ohio State University. I’m probably most adept at making an Old Fashioned, which I’ll argue is best enjoyed (in moderation) while taking in the sounds of The National’s Boxer.

  • Sean Leahy

    Director and Administrative Professional

    As the Director of Technology Initiatives for #OofSI, I explore current and emerging technologies to prepare the next generation of teachers and educators to become creative designers of transformative learning experiences.  I grew up in Michigan, and have relocated to Arizona by way of Den Haag, the Netherlands. I am a passionate photographer and enjoy the post-processing work to the sound of Wilco’s 2009 Wilco (The Album).

  • Jodie Donner

    Jodie Donner

    Lead Technology Strategist, Head of IgnitEd Labs, Administrative Professional (FSC)

    In my role as a technology infusion specialist within the Technology Initiatives team, I support faculty members with professional learning and resources to assist them as they prepare preservice teachers to integrate technology into their teaching. While I do miss the empty spaces of windswept Wyoming, I have been comfortably settled in the Valley since 1999. When I am not working or spending time with my family, I am contemplating the human mind by consuming all things true crime. If my teenage daughter gets distracted, I take over control of the Google Home and blast the Foo Fighters.

  • Cassandra Kellaris

    Cassandra Kellaris

    Design Strategist, Project Manager

    I support our scholarly, design, and educational technology initiatives, including the super cool IgnitED Labs. I’ve been an Arizonan since 2007, but have previously lived on the East coast and in the San Francisco Bay Area. My background is in environmental education, Expeditionary Learning, and STEM education. I love wild spaces, and enjoy hiking with my husband and our two rescued cattle dogs. I can juggle better than the average person who can juggle. My go-to karaoke choices include The Talking Heads, Blondie, and Otis Redding.

  • Daniel Brasic

    Daniel Brasic

    Web Site Technician (IT)

    As a Website Technician, I work on the websites! I spawned in Grand Rapids, Michigan (hold up your right hand and point to the left side of your palm about 1.5 inches north of your wrist.) I moved to Valle del Sol in 1999 and quickly realized two things: 1. Grand Rapids has been doing Mexican food all wrong and 2. water is really important. I enjoy biking, hiking, malty beers and almost anything DIY. A former band geek and DJ on a community radio station, I love a ridiculously wide range of music from Bhangra to Bluegrass and Drum and Bugle to Drum and Bass and if given the opportunity, I will blather on endlessly about how Steely Dan is the absolute pinnacle of musical sophistication.

  • Eoline Cary

    Flora Cary

    Clinical Professional (FSC)

    My primary role is working with colleagues in the Principal Preparation Pathway (formerly iLeadAZ) program in the Division of Educational Leadership & Innovation, preparing our future school leaders. I have worked on a variety of leadership grants at the Arizona Department of Education and ASU and have lived in many different places, including Seattle, Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. and now Gold Canyon, AZ, but consider Seattle as my hometown. I love listening to jazz, enjoying a good cup of coffee, and going on adventures with my amazing grandchildren.

  • Courtney Wielgus

    Courtney Wielgus

    Project Manager

    Despite early childhood ambitions of becoming either a doctor or a grocery checker, I am very happy to be a project manager on the Principled Innovation team. It’s worked out well because I’m not made for medicine and I regularly live my other dream via self-checkout at Target. The best part of my job is working with people and organizations that are using principled innovation to develop effective new approaches to complex problems; it’s truly a joy to study, celebrate, and showcase their successes. I don’t really have a hometown, but I lived in Phoenix twice while growing up and returned in 2016 after 12 years in New York City. I’m incredibly good at napping, love Talking Heads, and have zero interest in surviving a zombie apocalypse.

  • Mikayla Madjidi

    Mikayla Madjidi

    Administrative Assistant, Principled Innovation

    As an Administrative Assistant for the Principled Innovation team I maintain responsibility for scheduling, travel, purchasing and other various logistical needs of the PI team. My background is in English Literature and Secondary Education, and I have worked in research administration at ASU for several years. I love the crazy heat of the valley, where I enjoy the biodiversity of McDowell Mountain hikes, boxing training on the heavy bag, and ska punk music. 

Faculty Fellows

  • Leigh Wolf

    Clinical Associate Professor |

    As a design fellow, I provide consultation and inspiration for a variety of OsfSI projects.  I am a Clinical Associate Professor here at the Teachers College with the EdD in Leadership and Innovation program. I enjoy all sorts of things, but really enjoy listening and connecting people and ideas.  I live online, and I also live (physically, mostly) in the Metro Detroit area, and oftentimes in Galway, Ireland and now Arizona.  In the early and mid-90s I was a disc jockey at an alternative radio station and my musical tastes are often stuck in that time period and genre, but I also enjoy any type of music with an upbeat tempo.  If I need to really relax, I listen to M. Ward.

OofSI Student Workers

Ashley Goernitz
Educational Technology Champion

Alejandra Arana
Educational Technology Champion

Abhijeet Savant

Abhijeet Savant
Educational Technology Champion

Connor Weese

Connor Weese
Educational Technology Champion

OofSI Alumni

Prashansa - Educational Technology Champion, Lead

Rick Baker - Integration Services Manager

Melanie Bertrand - Design Fellow

Ashley Dalba Garbacz - Management Intern

Kyle Elliott - Design Fellow

David Herbold - Website Technician

Timothy Knuck - Web Application Developer Senior

Melissa McGehee - Project Manager

Gloria Minnihan - Instructional Designer

Mckenzie Murdock - Design Fellow

Christina Ngo - Design Strategist

Rolando Robles - Design Fellow

Stephany Romero - Coordinator – Design Initiatives

Karan Shah - Educational Technology Champion, Lead

Kaylee Stock - Communications and Digital Media Assistant

Courtney Sutherland - Design Fellow

Lisa Wyatt - Design Strategist