A message from the associate dean

As associate dean of scholarship and innovation at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University, I am proud and excited to be leading a dynamic team of educators, designers, researchers, technologists, students and lifelong learners committed to transforming educational systems and processes through an intrapreneurial mindset.

We are at the forefront of addressing some of the most important challenges facing education today — by supporting faculty research and inquiry, bringing a designerly mindset to working with schools and districts, exploring new technologies and their roles in learning, and creating digital solutions for the dissemination of knowledge. We do this work in partnership with a range of organizations both within and outside of ASU in pursuit of the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College mission: to create knowledge, mobilize people and take action to improve education.

These pages provide an overview of many of the exciting things we are engaged in. These include hackathons, workshops, and grants for faculty research; collaborative design work with our partner school districts or even within MLFTC; developing a new vision of what computer labs can be; and finding creative multimedia solutions to presenting the college on the web. 

I encourage you to look through these pages, and fill out the contact form or drop me an email at punya.mishra@asu.edu to find out more about what we do.


Dr. Punya Mishra
Associate Dean of Scholarship and Innovation
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Arizona State University

Email: punya.mishra@asu.edu
Web: punyamishra.com