New Trainings for the Office of Clinical Experience

We are excited to announce that in collaboration with the Office of Clinical Experience (OCE) we have revamped the trainings for Teacher Candidates and their Mentor Teachers in the Senior Year Residency (SYR) and Single Semester Student Teaching (SST) programs.
Both MLFTC students going into their student teaching and their mentors are required to take the training to prepare for the student teaching experience.

These trainings, completed with the use of Articulate Storyline and hosted in the Professional Learning Library (PLL), have been designed to be interactive and engaging to improve learning outcomes.
I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Robert Morse, Co-Director of Clinical Experiences, and Jo Anne Bolivar, Instructional Designer to help revamp these trainings to create a professional and engaging learning experience. Click here to see a small snippet of the training.