First Education Research Mixer

The first ever Education Research Mixer luncheon was held today at SkySong, organized by the Office of Scholarship and Innovation. The informal gathering was attended by 91 faculty, staff, and doctoral students from MLFTC and 15 other colleges and centers across campus. The goals of the luncheon were simple: 1) meet someone new, 2) identify a shared research interest, and 3) leave with plans to re-connect. Conversations were flowing during the 90-minute event and Carole Basile, Dean of MLFTC encouraged people to take advantage of the interdisciplinary expertise in the room and to connect with as many different people as time would allow. Since the event, several collaborations have emerged and new projects are in the design phase. The Office of Scholarship and Innovation is happy to support continued conversations from the Mixer and increase the collaborative research of the university.