Remembering one of America’s leading academic minds


Meghan Krein

“The role of education might be conceived as the invention of yourself,” Elliot W. Eisner told Professor Audrey Amrein-Beardsley in 2012 during an interview for Inside the Academy of Education. Eisner was Lee Jacks Professor of Education and professor of Art at Stanford University before passing away in 2014.

Eisner, who invented himself as one of our country’s leading academic minds, dedicated his career to bringing the arts back into the American curriculum and using the arts as models for improving educational practice in other fields.

He lectured on education throughout the world and received five honorary degrees and numerous awards for his distinguished educational research and scholarship including the Palmer O. Johnson Memorial Award, Harold McGraw Jr. Prize in Education, the Jose Vasconcelos Award from the World Cultural Council, the Brock International Prize in Education and the prestigious Grawemeyer Award for his book, “The Arts and the Creation of the Mind” (2002).

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