Project RISE receives $1.5 million grant

Teachers College associate professor Sarup Mathur and Heather Griller Clark, principal research specialist, received a $1.5M grant for Project RISE — Re-entry Intervention and Support for Engagement — from the Office of Special Education Programs to support evidenced-based re-entry practices for youth with disabilities in long-term facilities.

In the project, evidenced-based transition practices will be implemented in Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections and local education agencies to increase engagement and decrease recidivism for youth with disabilities released from ADJC. Engagement will be measured by re-enrollment and attendance in school, employment, and/or positive community activities at 30, 60, 90 and 120 days post-release. Arizona State University will coordinate development and implementation of the RISE model and its evaluation procedures with ADJC and local schools.

Implementation will include:

  • Establishment of a seamless transfer of educational records across sending and receiving agencies.
  • Increased interagency linkages and communication with participating local education agencies and community colleges.
  • Establishment of a youth tracking system to monitor the engagement and recidivism of all youth upon release from the secure care facility.

The project will be able to develop a reentry model in ADJC that can be replicated in other correctional facilities nationwide.