Trading Big Sky Country for the Valley of the Sun

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College student ambassadors are education majors who, in addition to their own preparation to be educators, take a leadership role in improving the experience for others. They answer questions for new students, host engagement events throughout the year and represent Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College to the community.

Take a moment to meet one of our ambassadors.

Tanner Greyn (rhymes with “line”) is an Educational Studies major from Billings, Montana, and a member of Teachers of the Future on the ASU West campus. Tanner says what he enjoys most about being a student in Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is interacting with other students and staff.

Favorite subject in school, and why:

Geography because I liked learning about places all around the world and how each country has unique characteristics.

Three things always in your fridge:

Strawberry jelly, milk, ketchup

Book that had the biggest impact on you:

“It’s Not About the Bike: My journey back to life” by Lance Armstrong

Real-life teacher who inspired you:

My Spanish teacher from high school, Sra. Polkowske

Biggest risk you ever took, and what you learned from it:

Coming to ASU. I’m from Montana and coming down here would be my first time being away from friends and family for an extended period of time. From this experience I have learned to be open to every opportunity and to take full advantage of them because the opportunities might not come back a second time.

Biggest change in classrooms from when you were a child to today:

The amount of technology used in the classrooms. Teachers encourage students to use Google.

If you could listen to only three songs for the rest of your life:

“Flatliner” — Cole Swindell, “Hold Me Down” — Halsey, “Vacation” — Thomas Rhett

Favorite movie quote:

“Talk to me, Goose.” – “Top Gun”

App you can’t live without:


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