“Great moments are born from great opportunities.”

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College student ambassadors are education majors who, in addition to their own preparation to be educators, take a leadership role in improving the experience for others. They answer questions for new students, host engagement events throughout the year and represent Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College to the community.

Take a moment to meet one of our ambassadors.

Josh Miller from Phoenix, Arizona, is a Secondary Education major whose goal is to change the stigma of how people view math: “I want to make math fun and understandable for everyone.” Josh’s favorite thing about Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is “that it’s small in size, which helps with connecting with other students and building friendships within the same major as mine.”

Favorite subject in school, and why:

Mathematics, because it made sense to me. I enjoyed how there are multiple ways to solve the same problem. I also realized math is everywhere and that fascinates me.

Real-life teacher who inspired you:

My senior-year math teacher, Mr. Lilley. He allowed me to be a part of my classmates’ learning by allowing me to help in the classroom. He inspired me to become an educator because he saw my passion for math and how I interacted with others. That meant a lot to me.

Biggest change in classrooms from when you were a child to today:

Technology. In my high school we did not use much of it outside of the projector. But being in classrooms for my internships, teachers are integrating more technology in their lessons. Some even have a set of laptops in their classrooms.

Favorite movie quote:

"Great moments are born from great opportunities." — Herb Brooks in “Miracle” (That whole scene is awesome)

App you can’t live without:

NHL, since it is hockey season, and that’s my main source for game updates and scores.