A family of educators

Greg and Doris Wojtulewicz with their family on the steps of Old Main in 2014. When Doris Welsh (BAE '68, MAE '71) met Gregory Wojtulewicz (BAE '68, MAE '71), they were students in the College of Education at ASU. They became another generation of ASU-prepared teachers in Doris' family, a tradition to be carried on by their daughter at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. Here's Doris' story of her family legacy in her words.

It’s hard to grow up in Tempe without ASU becoming part of your family’s traditions. My mother suspended her education during World War II and worked as the dean’s secretary in the College of Education when I was growing up. She later went back to finish her degree and graduated from ASU the same day I did.

Doris and Greg Wojtulewicz

Doris Welsh and Gregory Wojtulewicz with their ASU

teaching degrees in 1968

I worked and studied all the time when I was in college, so my suitemates plotted to drag me down to work on a display for our hall for Homecoming, I didn’t want to do it, but they told me I needed to get out more. My dorm and my husband’s dorm were paired to work on the display together, so that’s how I got to know my husband, Gregory. On the night before Homecoming everybody walked around from display to display, and we had our first date. We have celebrated our first date at Homecoming every year since then; on our 50th anniversary of our date, our kids had T-shirts made for the entire family. As you can imagine, football and Homecoming are really a big part of our life!

The time I spent on campus prepared me well for my 30-year career as a teacher of home economics. I couldn’t have gotten a better education. Sue Cummings was my favorite professor; she encouraged me to do things I never thought I could. I was placed in positions with at-risk students, and my professors helped me develop an appreciation for the fact that kids always want the same things, no matter where you teach: your attention, and the chance to learn. That knowledge served me well.

We’ve become a family of teachers, thanks to ASU. Our daughter attended ASU and got her bachelor’s degree in journalism and English, her master’s degree in secondary education, and her doctoral degree in language and literacy. She is now a clinical professor at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. Because of this we’ve come full circle — my daughter is now teaching in the same building where her grandmother was once the secretary.