Global perspectives on education

Last November, the Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education, a research center in ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, partnered with edXchange to host the inaugural symposium of the Comparative and International Education Society. Video and audio highlights are now available to the public through videos on the CASGE website.

Panelists and speakers came from research institutions and universities around the world, including UNESCO, the Open Society Foundations, Mexico’s Center for Research and Advanced Studies, and Education International; Stanford, Deakin, and George Mason universities; and the universities of Illinois, San Francisco, Albany, Toronto, New Brunswick and Helsinki.

Faculty members of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College served as facilitators of the debates during the two-day conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, which addressed global metrics for education: Can — or should — international standards to measure learning be established and implemented.

Titled “The Possibility and Desirability of Global Learning Metrics,” the symposium encouraged informed and provocative debate addressing four questions about such measures: Are they desirable? Are they feasible? Could they be innovative? Could they be culturally responsive?